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Storage Operations Manager the next evolution of storage resource management

Storage Operations Manager the next evolution of storage resource management


Guest post by Kara McMillan, Sr. Product Manager, Storage Management, HP Software


Storage Resource Management is an important area of infrastructure management; at HP it falls under Business Service Management. Storage Resource Management is the discipline of managing both the utilization and performance of the end-to-end storage environment: from host to fabric to storage


Did you know that storage makes up 25% of the typical IT budget? Worse, analysts say that the average customer’s storage utilization is only 50%. Why is that? Storage space gets allocated to host based on expected need, which means that space allocated on day one is meant to address the amount of data expected to be stored over the next one or two years.  Often, that space is never fully utilized, and becomes lost space, which, if reclaimed, could reduce or delay the need to purchase additional – and costly – storage hardware.


Philip Sellers from Horry Telecommunications Cooperative (HTC) will join me at HP Discover June 2-4  where we will introduce HP Software’s latest storage management solution, HP Storage Operations Manager (SOM). Philip is a Senior Systems Administrator who has been using both Storage Essentials and, more recently, has tested and given us valuable feedback via the early release program for SOM. Please join us for our session, B1058 Introducing HP Storage Operations Manager, the evolution of Storage Resource Management, on Wednesday June 3 at 11 am. You can read more about Philip’s thoughts on his blog


I’ll be talking about the guiding principles we used when designing SOM:


  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Virtualization

I’ll also review the features of SOM 10.00 and discuss   some of the feedback we received from our early release program participants. Philip will, of course, discuss his experience and observations about SOM and take questions on comparisons to Storage Essentials.


I will also be hosting two Roundtable sessions to discuss storage resource management trends and Storage Operations Manager. Joining me in these discussions will be Software Architects from the SOM R&D team:



We will also host a demo booth (#835) in the HP Software area, and, for customers under NDA, we’ll provide a sneak peek into the future of SOM at a demo booth in the Tech Showcase!



Kara McMillan is the Product Manager of HP Software Storage Management solutions. She has over 15 years of experience in storage resource management software.





You can register for HP Discover here.





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