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Storage Administrator’s golden ticket for executive conversation

Storage Administrator’s golden ticket for executive conversation


Guest post by Michael Zuber


If you or someone you know is a storage administrator, you need to read this quick blog as it will outline how you can single- handedly reuse capital, save new capital and start a predictive framework around storage usage.


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We all know that data is exploding as we systemize more variables, track more usage and look for gold inside big data lakes.  What often goes undiscussed except by the teams that run, manage and administer storage is that more data equals more storage.


As always, HP is investing in solving the hard problems our clients face. With the release of HP Storage Operations Manager we have an independent storage software solution that can improve your storage use and reclaim storage.  Let’s be clear: lots of hardware vendors offer solutions that pretend to offer usage or metrics, but the fact that they give these solutions away when you buy their hardware should tell you something.


Instead, your organization should look for a partner like HP who has developed a software layer that can reside over your multi-platform storage architecture and empower you to take action through intelligent identification.


Let’s ask a real simple question:


If your total storage investment in use today is $5M, and you can find a way to recapture and direct 20% of that investment towards a  better use, you have just produced a real $1,000,000 savings that is going to get you recognized.


Sound too good to be true?  Good! I was hoping you would think that.


At HP we want our clients invested with us as we go on this journey and evolution of storage management, so we have set up a 60 day FREE trial where you can download the software, install it yourself and get busy looking for areas of real savings.


The trial is best executed by a resource familiar with your storage environment but it can be downloaded by anyone. 


Do me a favor… after you download and install the software, please do the following 5 things to get comfortable with the software.  After that, feel free to go nuts as you have 60 days to push the software to uncover real value for your organization.


Use case 1 - Find unused storage on storage systems

  1. Select Dashboards
  2. Select Environmental Capacity
  3. In Storage System Logical Capacity widget click on the green UnAllocated Storage in the pie graph
  4. Note, you can sort by clicking on headings

Use case 2 – Find hosts low on storage space

  1. Select Dashboards
  2. Select Environmental Capacity
  3. In the Host Logical Capacity widget click on the blue Used Space area in the pie chart

Use case 3 – Find free switch ports

  1. Select Dashboards
  2. Select Environmental Capacity
  3. In the Switch Port Utilization widget click on the green Unused Ports area in the pie chart
  4. Click on the Free Ports header in the table to sort

Use case 4 – Determine performance of a storage device

  1. Select Dashboards
  2. Select Asset Dashboard
  3. Double click on the desired vendor in the Storage Systems widget
  4. Double click on a device showing Success in the Collection Status column
  5. The display will split into a top and bottom, select the Data Rate tab (or any tabs to the right)

Use case 5 – Determine the storage topology of a Virtual Machine you are troubleshooting

  1. Select Inventory
  2. Expand Hosts
  3. Double click on Virtual Machines
  4. Find a Powered On virtual machine (hint: click on the Virtual Machine State column to sort by on/off status)
  5. Put your cursor over an entry and right click, select Launch Topology

You can find the free 60 day trial here.


Feel free to email with any questions.


About the Author: Michael is a Sales Guy for HP and has been involved with the portfolio in various roles for nearly 20 years.  He finds particular joy in discussing client challenges and understanding how the future of innovation can help tackle the next opportunity as the market evolves.


Michael holds both a BA and MBA from Santa Clara University.


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