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Spend 3 hours, Save US$30,000

Spend 3 hours, Save US$30,000


With written contribution from Mike Zuber (AMS Cloud Lead) 


Would you invest three hours to install and configure software that could save you over $30,000 during the free trial period alone? Just think about that math for a moment. I don’t know about you, but if I could save my company $10,000 for each installation hour, I would sign up for the trial immediately and see what it is all about.


The HP Server Automation Standard 30-day free trial offers just that. Three hours (or less) to install and configure a server automation platform that typically can save an organization $30,000 in an average month.


>> Download the Server Automation Standard trial here


So what you get with Server Automation Standard?

You get a platform that manages Linux and Microsoft environments like never before, including the ability to run compliance scans, apply patches and establish daily activities to manage compliance drift.


4 simple steps to get started

  1. Register for the Trial
  2. Download the software
  3. Configure your environment
  4. Download additional content, such as patches

That’s it, and you are good to go for 30 days.


What in it for you? Glory.

Think about how you can use this to drive your career forward! Go to your boss and negotiate a bonus for saving the company hard dollars through automation, or talk about launching an automation platform or solution area that can lead to bigger and better things after the trial is over. This could be an opportunity to show your organization’s leaders your true potential that you can do a lot more and this is just the way.


How many times do you get the chance to potentially save $10K per installation hour?

The math is pretty simple. Take the number of times you run builds, apply patches or run compliance scans in a month, and then multiply that number by the average fully burdened labor rate for your organization. Once you have the hard dollar savings over the 30 day period you can multiply by 12 to calculate your annual savings.


The sooner you start the trial, the sooner you will start saving money.


Download the Server Automation Standard trial here


Or, learn more about HP Server Automation Standard


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