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Speedy Cape2Cape globe trotting – connecting you to the driver experience

Speedy Cape2Cape globe trotting – connecting you to the driver experience


For anyone who has ever raced in a car, you’ll know directly what it’s like and are probably passionate about the experience. For the rest of us, what about getting inside the car whilst it races between start and finish?

You can now, join the drivers of a race called the Cape2Cape.

Here’s a glance in this map that shows where they are right now as I write this blog.


You can also use this dashboard—Powered by Operations Bridge IT event management software— to track their progress.


It’s a race against time, and for the second edition of the race and HP Software is involved. How? Well, you may have already read details of the HP Software Operations Bridge Business Value Dashboard and maybe even followed our webinar with Kaiser Permanente. 


The Business Value Dashboard is a new and exciting real-time editorial tool that paints information fed from various connectors to the dashboard. It is truly and amazing experience to watch it being used to track our Intel/HP car in the race.

I encourage you to follow the progress, “feel” the heartbeat of the race, see their geo location, and consult other information about their progress.

They are four days into the race and you can see in our live dashboard that they have crossed most of Africa already. Our Cape2Cape Intercontinental Business Value Dashboard shows you live what’s happening, and can help you to find out how their journey is shaping, and what’s happening on the way.

Will they reach their target of 19000 kms in nine days between the southern and northern most poles of the Africa and European continents?

Our world record dashboard tells you second-by-second what is happening with the team. Don’t wait to read about it, experience it LIVE.


We do this by piping key information from numerous sources on-board in the car itself, but also in the cloud as HP Enterprise services and partners assist the team to succeed their goals.

What might prevent them from crossing the finish line?


Well who knows the world is full of risks. Here’s one they met today



The image on the right is a typical dashboard provided in this case to the Cape to Cape team, that shows live news feeds pertinent to their progress, and clear examples of risks that might stop them from achieving their goal.


When you know what’s happening around you, it is important to be agile and adapt to situations you are faced with. The Cape2Cape team enjoys exactly that capability. They are seeing real-time views of news snippets—even videos! This information can be placed in our dashboards, thus helping people stay on the ball.

Doesn’t this look like a solution to manage the vast amount of information generated by the Internet of Things?

The world is filled with sensors galore generating Big Data and that’s exactly what this experience is exploring.  There are many sensors installed in the vehicle and attached to the drivers. The team is gathering that information to feed different to key stakeholders who can exploit it to help them succeed. The information is being sent to:

  • Sponsors and partners
  • Medical staff
  • Policing administration
  • Mechanical vehicle specialists

… and more


HP Operations Bridge applies powerful correlation and management analytics to millions of data feeds and entries and then shows results on the business value dashboard in combination with non-IT data, even streaming video from the internet. That’s what attracted this Cape2Cape team to ask us to participate.


Imagine this may easily apply if you switch out the car and switch in your datacenter? Did you know that the OpsBridge Business Value Dashboard combines IT events, metrics, business information and live videos and internet data sources.

With this dashboard in your environment,  you can see how things are inter-dependent—LIVE.
It shows what real value IT is providing and how you depend on IT capabilities.
Strategically that is likely to be very useful when discussing data and information across the board, with business partners. The dashboard provides better appreciation of what investments might be needed to maximize the impact to the bottom line capabilities.

We think this improved alignment is crucial, so too do analysts such as Gartner group and others writing about the growing importance of these dashboards.

Given that the Cape2Cape team uses this dashboard to monitor progress, risks, and plan ahead, they clearly feel such visibility will impact their success.

Maybe you should think about having similar visibility available to your IT and business executives. You can use our free trial and see examples of how this can be used for IT operations centric and other use cases at 


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