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Service Health Reporter Installation and Configuration for Storage Operations Manager v10.01

Service Health Reporter Installation and Configuration for Storage Operations Manager v10.01


HP Service Health Reporter (SHR) v9.4 is the IT reporting solution of HP’s Storage Operations Manager v10.01 storage resource management software.


Service Health Reporter is business service-driven IT reporting software that provides resource, event and response time reporting across server, network and application environments. It consolidates resource metrics, event metrics, response time data and business service topology data to enable a unique understanding and perspective on the “Business Service” behavior of traditional IT. Service Health Reporter also offers insights into dynamic virtualized IT infrastructure and its impact on end users.


This blog and embedded video goes through the complete process from beginning to end; supplemented by simplified steps that was derived from the Official documentation.



Documents to refer to for further information:

  1. Official Interactive SHR documentation if clarity is needed. Interactive SHR Documentation can be found in the . Contact your HP representative to get access to SHR depot.
  2. “Performance and Sizing for the SOM Reporting Server” section of SOM Support Matrix to identify hardware configuration of SHR server and SHR DB size.

Points to Note:

  1. SHR for SOM can be installed on a VM or a physical server
  2. SHR server is sized according to the guidelines
  3. Prerequisite RPMs are installed and prerequisite system configuration is done correctly
  4. A user with root privilege is needed to install SHR
  5. When separation between OS and Application is needed, SHR can be installed on non-OS disk. Two disk partitions needs to be configured as two different mount points

Two text files shown in the video are attached below.

  • operations bridge
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