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Server operations made easy - with HP Data Center Automation Appliance

Server operations made easy - with HP Data Center Automation Appliance


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IT departments are swamped with three main functions:

  • Managing organizational groups all with competing priorities
  • Running IT as a Service
  • Moving to the cloud


With all of these demands, it’s almost impossible for IT to keep up with the demands of the business. To top it off, they face increasing pressure to deliver new applications faster and still tackle unexpected requests when they pop up.


Manual processes are time consuming, error-prone and unsustainable—complex server environments further complicate the landscape. This leaves system administrators with little time to tend to critical server tasks and perform change management processes such as provisioning, remediation, upgrades and patches.

Server operations must be automated to help IT meet demands and improve speed of service. The average data center can have more than 100 changes per month — this constant stream of changes often results in unintended consequences, creating a huge increase in IT incidents and lower quality of services.


Introducing HP Data Center Automation Appliance

To manage their server operations more efficiently, leverage existing headcount and improve knowledge retention, IT departments can now rely on HP’s Data Center Automation Appliance (HP DCAA) to improve their server automation process.


HP DCAA brings together HP Server Automation (SA) and HP Operations Orchestration (OO) technology in a single, unified solution for small to mid-size businesses. It enables the management of heterogeneous IT operations seamlessly across physical, virtual and cloud-based servers.


For companies transitioning to a cloud-based model, HP DCAA, is a key step in preparing the foundation for a successful implementation. As companies make this transition, they need help determining how automation can be leveraged to:

  • Reduce cost
  • Manage scale
  • Improve consistency and reliability
  • Gain efficiencies in their day-to-day operations

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Key Capabilities of HP DCAA

Process Powered Change Management

Process-powered Change Management leverages the paradigm of IT process automation and IT process orchestration to give your IT administrators greater control over change. This progressive approach to change management helps you move beyond error-prone manual processes into a world of task automation, where many routine IT tasks are handled automatically. Process-powered change management draws on server automation software and IT orchestration software to automate the execution of key tasks associated with server changes and to orchestrate the change process across diverse teams, tools, and environments. These capabilities help you improve the accuracy of changes and avoid change-related IT incidents. They also help you accelerate the execution of changes.


Supporting Features:

  • Embedded HP Server Automation and HP Operations Orchestration
  • Enable organizations to deploy automated tasks quicker
  • Broader IT team can manage and automate server tasks without being specialists in a particular IT domain. 


IDCAA2.jpgT Operations made easy

With the introduction of the new IT Operator Portal, server management just became a lot easier for the front line IT Operator. By providing a simple Self Service UI, tasks such as provisioning, patch management, software deployment can now be achieved in just a few clicks. This capability is available across a few or 100’s of servers.


Supporting Features of HP Data Center Automation Appliance:

- IT Operator Portal

- HP OO Studio for custom workflows

- Out of the box use cases: Provisioning, Patch Management, Software Deployment, Policy Remediation

- Customize UI with in-house use cases



Industry leading out of the box content

HP DCAA includes substantial out-of-the-box operations, flows, and integration adapters from HP Operations Orchestration, offering you tremendous flexibility in terms of supporting many different platforms and management products.


Supporting Content Packs:

  • DCAA Express provides entitlement to six content packs (shown in blue)
  • DCAA Premium provides the same six and an additional three key content packs around Business Apps, IT Operations and Virtualization (in purple)



In Summary

HP DCAA will automate and streamline the number of steps it takes an IT Operator to accomplish their daily server management tasks as well as automating change management processes across their servers.

  • A secure customizable Virtual Appliance embedded with HP Operations Orchestration, HP Server Automation and utilizing a new IT Operator Portal, providing a Process Powered IT Operations solution
  • Out-of-the-box operations, flows, and integration adapters from HP Operations Orchestration
  • Time savings and minimized risk with automated provisioning and patching
  • Up-to-date compliance requirements information enables remediation in minutes
  • Automate manual, repetitive, and error-prone tasks to reduce operational costs
  • Automate configuration change across physical & virtual servers to decrease downtime and risk associated with manual configuration errors


To find out more about HP Data Center Automation Appliance and try it for yourself, download the 45-day free trial at 


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