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Say Goodbye to Audit Anxiety with HPE’s IT Operations Compliance

Say Goodbye to Audit Anxiety with HPE’s IT Operations Compliance


Compliance risks and vulnerabilities can cause massive headaches for a business.  With the rise of the digital economy, there are more security threats than ever.  Compliance has become not just an expectation but a demand from both external and internal forces. Having a way to ensure your business is in constant and continual compliance plus ensuring quick remediation when not, is the hallmark of HPE’s IT Operations Compliance software, part of our larger Data Center Automation Solution.  Let’s took a look at how this software works and how easy it is to deploy.

  1. Defining IT Compliance Policies

First you will determine which standards and regulations you need to follow and define those policies.  The brilliance of IT Operation Compliance is that you only need to do this once for all resource types across your IT environment.   The software includes out-of-the-box content for common regulations and standards like PCI, SOX, HIPPA, etc.  You can also define internal policies and SLO’s in an easy and efficient manner.

PCI Compliance Requirements


  1. Define Business Services

Unlike, other compliance software on the market, HPE’s IT Operations Compliance software allows you to assign these pre-defined policies at the business service level, making deployment of multiple policies a breeze even in the largest environment.  Most likely you already have these business services loaded in a CMDB or a service catalog, thus you can easily import this information and synchronize. If not, the software is intuitive and easy to use for those adding in business services to define.




  1. Subscribe Services to Policies

With these defined, you can link your policies and services together leveraging existing processes for change approvals, notifications, etc. When subscribing a service to a policy, you can modify the SLOs and maintenance windows or require exceptions to some rules, as needed by the business. For the greatest efficiency, link policies to services in the catalog, so IT compliance begins when the service is created.



  1. View IT Compliance Status

Now you can review your IT compliance status for your business services across the organization!  The HPE IT Operations Compliance software will determine which rules to run for which resource at what time.  The software will then scan and remediate the different resources in a business service regardless of resource type to ensure continuous compliance.  HPE IT operations compliance software also allows for manual kick-off of scanning and remediation so you don’t have you wait for a certain pre-determined time in a pinch, making those spontaneous audits, all the less stressful.


 With HPE’s IT Operations Compliance, you achieve continuous compliance in 4 easy steps and ensure continuity, quick and effective remediation, and accurate reporting.  With visibility into the compliance of entire business services rather than focusing on individual assets, you can you can reduce cost and risk immediately.

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