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SaaS and Application Quality (An invitation)

SaaS and Application Quality (An invitation)


Many share common questions regarding what critical factors to consider when making this important transition from on-premise to Cloud and SaaS. IT professionals need to understand how to use Software-as-a-Service to increase business value, how combining ASQ SaaS and ALM approaches together enhance the benefits of both, and the new realities driving demand for ASQ on SaaS and cloud testing because even in a volatile economy requiring belt tightening, companies still reinvest in software to drive innovation.


Clearly, this is a driver for the interest in Application Lifecycle Management on SaaS as companies seek to innovate – cost effectively. Financial and resource constraints and global competitive pressures are driving the need for rapid, flexible access to both quality solutions and support infrastructure to sustain complex software sourcing and distributed development.


Compared with on-premise ASQ solutions, SaaS and cloud testing alternatives require fewer resources and de-capitalized expenditures while enabling faster quality approaches - via immediate access to quality solutions and infrastructure. As a result of this and a variety of other factors, IDC expects the SaaS ASQ and cloud testing market to grow with a CAGR of 33% from 2011-2015. Still, as SaaS adoption accelerates, enterprises now expect more than just “keeping the lights on” from their SaaS ALM providers and require more strategic support for their people, processes, and tools.


But when and how is it best to transition from on-premise ASQ to SaaS and cloud testing? I encourage you to join guest speaker Melinda Ballou, Program Director, Application Lifecycle Management and Executive Strategies at IDC, and Antoine Aymer, Head of Application Product Marketing, Software-as-a-Service at HP, as they elaborate on the SaaS and cloud testing environment and discuss the disruptive trends driving demand for ASQ SaaS and cloud testing, how to leverage the benefits and optimization of combined ASQ SaaS and ALM approaches, and enabling business agility by transitioning to effective quality SaaS adoption.




Don't miss out! See you there!

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