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SHR Content on Big Data – Part 2: Vertica

SHR Content on Big Data – Part 2: Vertica


This blog post is the second one in the two part series which covers the HP SHR (HP Service Health Reporter) Content Packs reporting on Big Data; i.e. Hadoop & Vertica. I wrote about the HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop in the previous blog post (SHR Content on Big Data – Par1: Hadoop); this blog post is on HP SHR Content Pack for Vertica.


The Vertica analytics platform enables the user to perform advanced analytics on his ever growing data volume and data types. The increasing reliance of users on the Vertica analytics platforms brings forth the need to have a good monitoring and reporting solution for the Vertica platform.


HP Software has already released a monitoring solution for Vertica – The HP OMi Management Pack for Vertica (HP OMi MP for Vertica). HP OMi MP for Vertica monitors important parameters around performance and availability of the Vertica infrastructure, which can directly impact the services that rely on Vertica. In addition to monitoring the Vertica infrastructure, the HP OMi MP for Vertica also logs the important metrics for trend analysis. The HP SHR Content Pack for Vertica reports on the data logged by the HP OMi MP for Vertica.


HP SHR Content Pack for Vertica addresses the pertinent reporting use cases for a Vertica administrator. The Vertica administrator can easily find answers to the following important questions using this SHR Content Pack.


  • How does the storage (free space & used space) vary over time?
  • What is the storage usage detail for a particular instance at a particular point in time?
  • How does the resource queue and resource rejection vary with time?
  • How are sessions getting used? How session usage is varying with time?
  • What are the top 5 or bottom 5 Vertica instances based on system parameters like memory or CPU
  • What is the work load? How may parallel queries are running at any point in time? How do the parallel queries vary with time?
  • Which Vertica queries are running longest? How do the long running queries vary with time?


The reports in the SHR Content Pack for Vertica are fashioned as below



To provide more insight in to what is offered, a couple of report snippets are shown below




















In summary, the combined capabilities of OMi Management Packs for Hadoop and Vertica & SHR Content Packs for Hadoop & Vertica provide end to end monitoring and reporting functionality for Hadoop and Vertica in an enterprise Big Data deployment (HAVEn)


As mentioned in the previous blog post in this series, the SHR Content Pack for Vertica is built on top of the HP SHR Platform. I explained in the previous blog post the benefits of building a Content Pack on SHR Platform and the capabilities it brings in. I just want to emphasize here again that the SHR Content Development Environment (CDE) can be used to customize the SHR Content Pack for Vertica to a great extent.


If you have additional questions or if you need additional details, please feel free to post your questions in the community forum. I will be happy to assist you.


You can download the HP SHR Content Pack for Vertica from here

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