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SHR Content on Big Data – Part 1: Hadoop

SHR Content on Big Data – Part 1: Hadoop


Yes you heard it right! Now HP Software product suite provides out of the box reporting on the health of your Hadoop infrastructure as well. HP is playing big in the Big Data arena by offering you a wide array of Hadoop Solutions.  The addition of HP Service Health Reporter Content Pack for Hadoop (HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop) to the already available “HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop” now provides an end to end monitoring and reporting solution for Hadoop.


With this new “HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop” you have at your disposal a powerful reporting solution for your generally largely distributed Hadoop environment. This solution answers most of the pertinent questions on Hadoop Administration like:


  • How is my Job Tracker performing?
  • How many jobs have completed in the last ‘X’ amount of time?
  • How many jobs were submitted and how many succeeded in a time range?
  • How has my Name Node been performing?\
  • How many files or blocks were created in a time range?
  • Which Node is using how much – Memory, CPU, Swap space?


The “HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop” consumes the data collected by “HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop”. HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop enables monitoring of your entire distributed Hadoop environment; including availability and performance of core Hadoop components such as HDFS & MapReduce, ensuring the reliability of your Hadoop environment. The HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop collects and stores important health metrics of your Hadoop environment, which is then gathered, processed and reported by HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop. 


“HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop” is built on top of the HP Service Health Reporter (HP SHR) platform, which brings you the power of Cross Domain, Business Service driven reporting providing you with unique insights in to the behavior of today’s dynamic and virtualized IT infrastructure. HP SHR provides the capability to report in the context of the Business Service topology, making it possible to understand how the Users and Business Services are impacted by the behavior of you IT Infrastructure. Now, with the addition of out of the box reporting on Hadoop to HP SHR’s rich solution suite, you can reap all the benefits of HP Service Health Reporter for Hadoop reporting as well.


The combined capabilities of HP OMi, HP OMi Management Pack for Hadoop, HP Service Health Reporter and HP SHR Content Pack of Hadoop provides you with the ability to perform end to end monitoring and reporting on all the important aspects of your Hadoop infrastructure.


Let’s look in to some additional details of the HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop. HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop comprises of

  • An ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) Content Pack that collects, cleans, conforms and loads Hadoop data to SHR Data Warehouse.
  •  A  Domain Content Pack (a.k.a. Model) that models the domain knowledge on Hadoop.
  • An Application Content Pack that provides a rich set of Out of the Box reports built using SAP BOBJ technology.


 Here is a sneak peek in to the Out of the Box Reports offered by the Hadoop Reporting Solution:


The Top 5 Node Report of Hadoop provides the capability to see the details of the Top 5 Nodes based on the resource consumption (the image above is for just one node). This Report provides the user with the capability to choose parameter based on which the Top 5 nodes are selected. For example, the report snippet shows a node selected based on Average Swap Utilization. You can choose other resource usage parameters like CPU utilization and Memory utilization as well.







The Hadoop Job Running Status Report provides the capability to view the details of Job Statistics like – Average Number of Jobs Submitted, Average Number of Jobs Failed and Average Number of Jobs Completed. The report provides an easy to use interface to select the node for which you wish to see the Job details.










Apart from the Out of the box reports, the user can extend the reporting solution by building custom reports using HP SHR’s Content Development Environment (CDE) to meet her/his specific reporting requirements. The CDE provides the ability to perform a high level of customization. So if you are in need of a comprehensive monitoring and reporting solution for your Hadoop environment, HP is the only stop you need to make.


If you have additional questions or if you need additional details, please feel free to post your questions in the community forum. We will be happy to assist you.


You can download the HP SHR Content Pack for Hadoop from here.


Stay tuned on this blog series for SHR Content on Big Data - Part2: Vertica

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