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SDS is the topic de jour and SRM is the work horse

SDS is the topic de jour and SRM is the work horse


According to Wikipedia, Software-defined storage (SDS) is an evolving concept for computer data storage software to manage policy-based provisioning and management of data storage independent of the underlying hardware.

Based on the research, I think evolving is the key word.

We recently commissioned Dimensional Research to determine a variety of topics in Storage Resource Management (SRM) including what the prevailing sentiment is on SDS solutions. Storage Resource Management: The Hidden Goldmine of IT is a survey of 348 respondents with direct responsibilities for storage operation, management and troubleshooting completed the survey.

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Figure 1 – Dimensional Research - Storage Resource Management: The Hidden Goldmine of IT

A significant, 74%, state that SDS is not ready for them for one reason or another.

Problems stopping SDS

All of the “SD” technologies SDN (networks) SDS (storage) and the penultimate SDDC (software define data center) rely on virtual machines.

Lack of open standards that support virtual machine portability is a big problem because the premise is that you can move virtual devices, like a Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA), from one space to another or create more at will.

It is difficult for existing data centers to move to SDS because of the completely new way of working with storage and replacement of the more expensive SANs.

As often happens, new products and technologies don’t have the same level of features as existing products. This is particularly true when you are replacing a single vendor highly optimized system with an open system. It just takes time for new open solutions to catch up.

SRM google trends.jpg

 Figure 2 – Google trends SRM vs SDS 

As you can see in the Google trends chart above, since 2005 SDS search volume has been steady but SRM search volume is on an upward trend. I interpret this to mean SDS has been of steady interest because of its novelty but as SDS is not delivering on its promise, people need a workhorse solution for today and that is SRM. 

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