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Rerun Flows - Yet Another Cool Feature of Operations Orchestration Remote Debugging

Rerun Flows - Yet Another Cool Feature of Operations Orchestration Remote Debugging


In my previous post, I described HP Operations Orchestration (OO) 10.10 remote debugging and how helpful it can be to utilize it when working on Studio.

Well,   the truth is that I kept the best surprise for this post. It is simply so good, it deserves a post of its own…

So, what am I talking about?

 Today I am talking about the option to investigate a flow which already ran in Central, by initiating the same flow, with the same run values, in the Studio Debugger!


Closer look at a typical use case

Let’s say that the Administrator complains that a specific flow run has failed. This is a big flow. You cannot immediately find the reason why it failed, and you do not see it clearly enough in the Central logs. Furthermore, you find it hard to reproduce the issue.


How is it done?

As an example, let us rerun the “Add selected Module From Forge” flow which appears in the screenshot below:

Run Managment workspace1.png

We will copy the run id of the relevant run to the clipboard, to be used in Studio later on.


In Studio, we will first configure remote debugging, and run start a remote debug as explained in the previous post or on this document

All we need to do now, is to click the “Load Run Inputs” button as described below:

Studio debugger1.png


And enter the run id, found in Central:


Studio debugger2.png


Now take look at the context inspector (the relevant section is colored in purple):


Studio debugger3.png

The values from the problematic run have been copied.

Furthermore, the inputs icons were changed and got this little green arrow, indicating that they came from Central. Now you can carry on with the debugger in order to troubleshoot your flow.


That’s it!  A short post about a small button….

Well, sometimes a small button can make a BIG difference, right?







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 Really loved this post, it is a great start for looking at the feature! Thanks!