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Reports for HP Helion: HP SHR takes its first step forward onto the Cloud Realm !

Reports for HP Helion: HP SHR takes its first step forward onto the Cloud Realm !



Less than a month ago, HP had announced HP Helion, a portfolio of cloud products and services that make it easier for you to build, manage and consume workloads in hybrid IT environments. HP Helion incorporates existing HP cloud offerings and new OpenStack® technology–based products.


You would also have read in a recent blog from Stefan Bergstein on HP OMi Public cloud monitoring that with the HP Helion public Cloud monitoring service and the HP OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud, it is now possible to extend HP Operations Manager i (OMi) into an integrated Cloud monitoring solution.


Cloud Content reports in SHR

What’s New?

HP Service Heath Reporter itself a part of the Operations Bridge solution now completes the picture with its new cloud content offering.


HP has released the HP SHR content pack for HP Cloud that provides reporting on HP Public Cloud Compute Services [which are provided as a part of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from HP Public Cloud].


Using this content pack, users can now report on availability and performance of the HP Cloud Compute Instances (Cloud VMs) in SHR.


This content pack integrates with the afore-mentioned OMi Cloud Management pack to retrieve topology and metric information for all your virtual machines running on HP Cloud for reporting.


This enables you to schedule reports (tenant based as well) on HP Cloud Compute resource usage and Compute instance availability in SHR.


Try it !

You can now download the HP SHR Content Pack for HP Cloud from HP Live network.


Learn more !

You can find more details on this content in the documentation on HP Live Network.


And one last thing to note: a reminder that SHR 9.3x stays open for Content Customization and Extensibility, continuing to provide flexible reporting options via its Content Development Environment (CDE).


Would you like to pursue content extensibility and integrations for HP SHR?


For a sneak-peek into extensibility options offered, take a look at the six-part video series provided in the blog on ‘Content development and extensibility in HP Service Health Reporter’.


Visit to for more information.


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