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Reduce downtime for Communications Service Providers with Operations Analytics

Reduce downtime for Communications Service Providers with Operations Analytics


Guest post by  Rick Winford, IT Operations Analytics Manager at HP Software



Like other industries, Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are facing downward pressure on operating expenses, headcount and increasingly complex IT. Mobile World Congress, March 2-5, will showcase a lot of solutions – including HP Operations Analytics—to help ease some of these complexities.


You have a huge dependency on technology, systems, applications, and networks devices.  Keeping all this running with the lowest amount of down time is your job – and it is not an easy job.


What is Operations Analytics?  “In the fields of information technology and systems management, IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is an approach or method applied to application software designed to retrieve, analyze and report data for IT operations. ITOA has been described as applying big data analytics to the IT realm.” Source


How can Operations Analytics help? Take a look at the figure below.

apppulse command example.png

Above: EMA Research Report: The Many Faces of Advanced Operations Analytics, September 2014


So Operations Analytics is a big data solution. HP research shows that over one-half of users IT operational data goes unused. Why? Because they either don’t know how to get to it or don’t have the tools to get the value out of it.


Traditional tools require you to know what you were looking for. You have to set up triggers or traps on specific metrics and at what value you wanted to be notified of an impending problem. If you didn’t know about a problem or what to look for you’d never find it.


With Operations Analytics, you can easily leverage and examine all the data; because the system automatically performs cluster analysis, pattern analysis, and uses machine learning on the data, you don’t have to look at hundreds of thousands, or millions, of messages but only the critical few that indicate the real problem. For example, if a specific pattern happens on a regular basis and later starts happening at faster or slower rate, we can narrow the data to those few messages that will point you to the problem.


MWC_TW_LI_2.jpgPlease see us at Mobile World Congress and for a live demonstration of how HP Operations Analytics can get you ahead of downward pressure on operating expenses, headcount and increasingly complex IT to control your bottom line while expanding opportunities.  Our experts at the HP BOOTH 3A20, HALL 3, will be happy to discuss your specific analytics challenges. 




Check this blog post by Alain Decartes to see everything we will be showing and doing at MWC.



Operations Analytics  is a Big Data analytics solution that helps IT use all the insights hidden in system silos of monitoring data to resolve the root cause of failures faster and improve future operational performance.


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It's a very challenging task for business communication services provider that how to reduce their downtime. We are also faced these kids of challenges.


Thanks for posting such a nice article.


Agreed, it is a tough job. Thanks for your kind words.


Operations Analytics can be very challenging, especially if you don't have the right tools and knowledge. But once you've cleared through all techincal and other hindrances, the results are definitely worth it.

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