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Real-time metric streaming of application and custom metrics

Real-time metric streaming of application and custom metrics


With OMi performance dashboards we now have the capability to bring all relevant performance metrics into a single dashboard. The recently announced availability of streamed metrics from Management Packs takes this another step forward.

So far the Performance Dashboard was able to show only certain pre-defined system metrics in real-time, collected by the Operations Agent with the appropriate license.

The real-time icon in the OMi Performance Dashboard allowed a user to switch between:

  • Historic metric values, retrieved from Operations Agent metric store
  • Real-time metric values streamed from Operations Agents, at 5 sec intervals

Until now, it was not possible to see application metrics in real-time from Management Packs or custom metrics.

From OMi 10.11, application and custom metrics can now be collected at frequent intervals and fed into the Operations Agent using the REST Web Services API. The Performance Dashboard shows data as it is received – in real-time. This complements metric collection into the Operations Agent metric store.

We do however recommend key metrics only to be streamed initially. The feature is not intended to stream all available metrics from all systems at a frequent interval because of resource considerations. We do have the flexibility to increase the number of metrics temporarily for any nodes that show problems.

This new streaming mechanism is now used by a number of Management Packs to provide key application metrics via metric streaming. The first ones to include this facility are:

Management Pack for Docker

Management Pack for Amazon Web Services

Management Pack for Microsoft Azure

Management Pack for Microsoft Exchange

Example: The Management Pack for Amazon Web Services contains a pre-defined dashboard showing a broad selection of key metrics for compute instances. These metrics are updated in real-time to facilitate speedy performance diagnosis.

aws.jpgIf you want to stream your own metrics, the Operations Agent 12.01 offers the REST Web Services interface to receive metrics for streaming. You have the possibility to write a collector that sends metric data using this API. When this collector is deployed, you can register its metrics for real-time streaming and build your own Management Pack.

From there you can choose which metrics should be streamed and use the Performance Dashboard to graph them in real-time.

Try OMi now! OMi 10.11 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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