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(Re)Introducing HPE Operations Bridge Reporter

(Re)Introducing HPE Operations Bridge Reporter


There’s a quite a bit to talk about regarding OBR (Operations Bridge Reporter) and its capabilities, but the best way to get the big picture is by delving into its biggest advantages. So I'm going to list the salient key elements in an infographic that's focused on the new features that make a difference.


If you aren’t currently using OBR, click here to sample it today.

Let me now take you through some of OBR's key differentiators.

1. The OBR Platform Re-defined

Apart from the obvious advantages of being based on the Vertica big data store and the latest Business Objects 4.x reporting layer, the OBR platform offers key enhancements in the area of orchestration, thereby offering better control over the execution of data streams and reducing latency. The platform is also now geared to support Type 6 Slowly changing dimensions, which are of significance specifically in compliance/audit reporting use cases.

2. Integrations and Content

In addition to the integrations supported with SHR9x, the OBR platform also introduces integration capabilities with Server CHRpt.jpgAutomation and Network Automation, enabling use cases on audit compliance reporting. OBR also extends Network performance reporting with direct NNMi integration, bringing in added benefits of improved latency and performance and reporting on raw/component level network metrics, amongst others. This integration is leveraged by the out-of-the-box content packs Network Component Health and Network Interface Health.

This release also included two new ETL packages, ETL_OMi10x that enables integration with the latest OMi10.10 for event reporting and ETL_SM_SiSAPI_NonRTSM that enables System Performance reporting on SiteScope data without necessitating a topology channel.

3. Content Development Environment/Content Designer - NEW!CDE.jpg

The Content Development Environment (CDE) now enables creation of content deployable on the new OBR platform. The latest CDE versions can be downloaded from the HP Live Network. There is a new Content Designer UI which is also available as part of OBR CDE - more about that in another blog post!

4. Visualizations

All out-of-the-box reports have a refreshing new look and feel. The reporting UI also offeres a plethora of additonal chart types for customization (bubble charts, tag clouds, etc.). 

5. Alerts : Self-monitoring and Beyond

Many of you are already familiar with the Internal monitoring capabilities available in the OBR Admin console. Internal Alerting (IA) monitors the OBR data warehouse, BObj, Management DB (PostgreSQL), Connectivity and alerts customers via e-mail/SNMP trap/Alerts in Admin UI. Check out more details in the OBR Configuration Guide.

FAQ: Migrations, install scenarios, sizing and more 

So that's the gist of what the new product offers. An additional point of reference is the new consolidated OBR Documentation Library that offers links to all OBR manuals as well as useful references to info on BObj components.

Nevertheless, I reckon there may still be unanswered questions, so please check out the FAQ on HP LN for more info.

If you still have questions, please post them on the Operations Bridge Reporter Practitioners’ Forum.

And last but not least, the all-new OBR community is wide open on HP Live Network. (Of course, the good old SHR Community has been retained as well.)

Please check out our additional content offerings released on Live Network and stay tuned for more updates on the Community!

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