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Raising the bar on innovation with CONFIDENCE ...

Raising the bar on innovation with CONFIDENCE ...


It is easy to see why corporate IT today is actively leading the way in evaluating new technologies, to bring value to the business. IT departments know that if they don’t add value, then business units will work around them. Lines of businesses are already turning to the cloud to get their work done —bypassing formal IT policy and support.


Though IT departments recognize the urgency to get ahead of cloud technology, they are also hamstrung by an ever shrinking budget. In some cases, IT have fallen behind and are now being led by business units when it comes to private/hybrid cloud services adoption. This is the core of the “Shadow IT” dilemma, which is impacting IT Confidence for successful cloud services adoption.


Helping you address “Shadow IT” with Confidence …


IT departments wonder how to adequately centralize the needs of the different lines of business, each with its own uniquely varied legacy process, with less funding. They are looking for an integrated highly-automated service lifestyle tool that can capture the needs of individual stakeholders, and manage these needs through a comprehensive unified cloud management platform for ease of operational use. The solution they are looking for calls for a cloud management platform that empowers business users through an intuitive self-service portal, allowing lines of businesses to adapt to changing business requirements. Supported by a service operations console that provides enhanced subscription management.


Such a solution is now available. HP's Cloud Service Automation allows IT to both broker and manage application and infrastructure cloud services confidently across heterogeneous environments — all in one, comprehensive package. To find out how HP Cloud Service Automation can help your business realize its full potential, check out HP's latest video on increasing agility and reducing cost for the private/hybrid cloud. Also see HP Cloud Service Automation in action at the demo booths in the coming HP Discover 2012 event at Frankfurt. 





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