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Quickly demonstrating the value of automation with new, easy-to-deploy proof of concepts

Quickly demonstrating the value of automation with new, easy-to-deploy proof of concepts


By Michael Zuber

HP Cloud Leader (Americas)


Convincing upper management to invest in new software can often be a long, somewhat painful process. Internal delays are particularly frustrating when automation software is involved. After all, automation is fundamentally designed to increase efficiency, but it typically requires multi-week timelines to implement proof of concepts (POC).


Spending close to a month getting a POC up and running can be a lot to ask of an IT team. Fortunately, HP has now set a new standard for POCs that saves time for practitioners evaluating the power and value of automation tools.


HP clients can now download, configure and run a POC of HP’s Server Automation Standard in under four hours.


HP SAVA graphic.pngHP Server Automation Standard (a.k.a. HP Server Automation Virtual Appliance, or SAVA) is a single HP Server Automation core packaged as a virtual machine, which completely simplifies the setup required for HP Server Automation. SAVA is designed for small to medium size deployments, allowing customers to manage the entire lifecycle management of servers for up to 3000 servers.







> WATCH: How to get up and running quickly with HP Server Automation Standard


Automation proof of concepts made easy

With SAVA so easy to deploy, any client running Microsoft and Linux environments can now do POC’s on their own to evaluate a set of important activities. After clients run focused POCs independently, HP can follow-up with daily or weekly checkpoints to review key learnings and ensure the trial is achieving as much value as possible.


We expect this will not only make automation more accessible to more businesses, especially smaller companies, but it also now IT teams can manage multiple POCs simultaneously. Best of all, SAVA enables you to scale IT automation by managing thousands of servers across multiple sites.


I think SAVA really raises the bar for gaining value from a POC that requires less than a day’s work to complete. Shortening timelines for POCs also makes it easier to implement complementary automation solutions, such as Operations Orchestration and Database Automation.


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