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Q and A from Single Pane of Glass for Event Management with HP OMi 10

Q and A from Single Pane of Glass for Event Management with HP OMi 10


Guest post by Anu Rao, Configure Consulting Inc.


[updated 2015-04-30]


Organizations across the world are struggling to rationalize and make sense of the thousands of alerts they get daily from heterogeneous event sources and monitoring tools.


Configure Consulting recently held a webinar titled “Single Pane of Glass for Event Management with HP OMi 10” where they covered and demonstrated how intelligently consolidate alarms to provide only the most important events to the operator in a single pane of glass.


Below is the Q+A from the webinar and the link to watch the replay.


Q1: If we have a CMDB in ServiceNow with all the relations already, would it be possible to use that?

Configure: Yeah absolutely! The HP Universal CMDB and Discovery Platform has a bi-directional integration to ServiceNow [, but you must select a master, please see the document referenced below for further detail.]  This is used for topology synchronization. We can bring in those configuration items (CI) in the topology from ServiceNow into CMDB and in turn the run-time service model for OMi.


Also, as I mentioned, it is bi-directional so we can push CIs into ServiceNow if we are finding ServiceNow is missing a specific set of data that we might have had discovered or brought in from an external event source or topology.


[The integration to synchronize CIs between Service Now and OMi’s RTSM is available out of the box. Also there are documented web services for building an event-incident synchronization between OMi and ServiceNow easily. In addition there is an ootb solution for event-incident synchronization provided by an HP partner.]


[uCMDB customers can read more about this uCMDB to ServiceNow integration in the uCMDB document, Universal Discovery Content Guide - Third Party Integrations from the HP SSO portal.]



Q2: Does the ServiceNow to OMi integration offer the same functionality as the Service Manager integration that was demoed, and how is it different?

Configure: Yes, the integration works essentially the same as the Service Manager integration. As I mentioned, it’s a bi-directional integration between OMi and ServiceNow. So you have the ability to create an incident in ServiceNow based off of an event in the Operations Console and vice versa have that update from that incident in ServiceNow come into Operations Manager. These are driven by a variety of scripts but essentially it does work relatively the same.



Q3: Okay. And what appears to be our final question is, we are a legacy OM Manager user, what is the path to migrating for a legacy customer?

Configure: With OMi version 10, it’s really going to be replacing the legacy Operations Manager console, so OMW, OMU, and OML.


If you are a Legacy customer there is actually a free license migration that’s available to OMi 10. So we are wanting you to migrate into the new platform, leverage OMi and all the nice capabilities that it can perform.


This is what’s known as the OM2OMi Evolution Program. So feel free to reach out and ask us some more questions and we will give you more details on how to go through that migration and evolution.


View the recorded webinar session:


More questions?

For any questions, please contact Anu Rao at 416-802-6610 or anu @


Anu Rao, 
Configure Consulting Inc.


IT operations expert with background in enterprise monitoring, configuration management, asset management and automation. Experienced in solution architecture, implementations, multi-vendor integrations and training workshops across organizations of varying sizes.






Chris Tessier,
Configure Consulting Inc.


Practice Lead - Enterprise Monitoring, HP ExpertOne certified specialist, strong knowledge and expertise in BSM/OMi solutions in different fields including banking, pharmaceutical and financial, has developed a deep understanding across the HP IT Performance Suite.







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