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Q+A Network automation: Security unplugged

Q+A Network automation: Security unplugged


Chris Powers, General Motors and Wendy Wheeler, HP Software gave a webinar covering:


  • Where to start with network security and compliance
  • How to plan and build policies
  • What’s possible with HP Network Automation (NA)?
  • How to configure NA
  • Reporting with NA


In this post we have the questions and answers from this webinar.


        Listen to the full webinar.



Q: How long does it take to create a typical policy?


A: I would say a total of less than a day all the way up to maybe a week if it’s dealing with multiple devices and I am having to create a different diagnostic to pull the data and the users aren’t familiar with what commands are used to pull the data back.

That is really the biggest time crunch, creating the policy rules goes pretty quickly, so typically maybe a day, day and a half.


Q: How do you know if you should create a new policy versus a rule in an existing policy?


A: If somebody has said, here is the information I want, [I set up a new policy] and everything is great and that’s closed; they are getting the data. Then 6 months later they will say, oh, you know, I have got something more that I need that’s specifically related to that policy, then I will typically add that rule.

If it’s unrelated I would create a new policy all together. As far as whether I would create additional criteria within a given rule, I try to keep my rules as basic as possible. When possible, if somebody comes back six months later and says I need something else, can you get me this? If I tie it to a pre-existing policy, I will just add another rule; rule 1, rule 2, rule 3 so on.


Q: What version of NA are you using; I am not aware of a policy report, this sounds very useful, what menu is that found on?


A: It will be just off of your Search For menu or your basic reporting tree. We are using v9.2.2.


Q: 9.2.2 versus 10.00, what is your evaluation of the later release?

A: I have been working with 10.00 as much as I can, in a lab environment. I am really pleased with it, my personal opinion - can’t wait to move this into production; obviously that is not going to happen immediately but it will happen in time and from what I have seen it’s really going to be a great move forward.


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Chris Powers is currently a Telecom Tools Senior Engineer at General Motors. He provides a wide range of services to the clients that make up GM, as well as other support groups such as the Network Operations Center and Network Engineering.




Wendy Wheeler is the R&D Section Manager at HP Software responsible for HP Network Automation development.












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