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Put Cloud into gear: How IT automation is like your car

Put Cloud into gear: How IT automation is like your car


By Manish Balooja, Cloud and Automation, HP Software - APJ


The automobile revolutionized how people move, and transformed society. In a similar way, I think the cloud will revolutionize how IT delivers its services and ultimately transform businesses.


I’ve been thinking about cars and how they can be a useful analogy for illustrating to customers what it takes to power cloud-based IT. After all, cars are efficient means of transportation because of how they automate mobility. (The word “automobile” derives from the Greek autos “self” and French mobile “moving”.) The cloud can automate the delivery of IT services to a point where individual business users can get where they are going on their own with very little manual effort or knowledge of the machinery.


gears.jpgGearing up

To understand cloud-based IT, it’s important to understand how intrinsic automation is to it. Once again, how a motorized vehicle works is a good analogy.


Turning the key in the ignition starts the motor and gets the car ready to move, and in the same way you have to get the data center ready for automation.


Domain Automation of servers or networks is like putting the car into first gear. First gear is heavy and consumes more fuel to provide the required power. Similarly, the first step in automation takes effort and time, because it is not only about implementing a software solution but also about standardizing processes that impacts the way IT works.


As you shift gears to speed up with higher levels of automation, the drive is smoother and more efficient. In the data center, this means that IT moves beyond automating IT tasks to more complex IT process automation. At each level, the car (IT systems) and the driver (business user) are able to go further while expending disproportionately less energy until they can go further and reach their destination.


Take a test drive

Today, even the smallest automobiles can be high-performance machines that have been refined over decades for incredible levels of comfort, efficiency and yes, automation, from the engine up to the headlights and windshield wipers.


HP Software has been designing its HP Data Center Automation portfolio for many years as well, and with each new release it evolves and matures to better speed customers’ journeys along the Automation Highway.


Why not take a test drive? The new HP Server Automation Standard is a lightweight and easy-to-handle server configuration management tool that provides visibility and control during server lifecycle management. It’s got the horsepower to manage 3000 servers with great new features for virtualization management, patch management, provisioning and enhanced compliance reporting.


Find out more about HP Server Automation Software  


Read the Gartner white paper IT Process Automation: Moving from Basics to Best Practices 


And unlike a car, you get to test drive this for 30-days free! Register here, or visit the website for more information.




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