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Propel IT forward with server automation

Propel IT forward with server automation


With written contribution by Kim Lock


How do your IT employees spend their day? Are they allowed to focus on the primary business objective or are they instead spending their days performing repetitive tasks? How much are you spending for them to perform these tasks over and over again?


Software automation allows your staff to transition from holding the responsibility of performing these time-consuming tasks to instead focusing on innovation. This automation is almost like adding staff to your department (without the additional salary expense).


How would your organization benefit if software automated their old job? Could they invest their time on new initiatives? Could they create a new revenue stream for the business? Could they find a better way of doing things? Could they create a differentiator for the business over the competition? Imagine how much more employees could focus on the next great thing once their current daily tasks become automated.


This is precisely why we developed HP Server Automation (SA) 10. Now you can lower IT costs by efficiently delivering computing capacity by automating server lifecycle management to increase utilization, while reducing manual administration.


By automating repetitive, manual and time-consuming operations, the automation and cloud management software from HP minimizes complexities in heterogeneous environments and allows IT to focus on higher-impact activities to increase the overall value for the business. It also allows IT to: 

  • Manage more than 100,000 physical and virtual servers from a single pane of glass to eliminate management complexity. It also improves operational economics by reducing the administrator-to-server ratio by up to 60 percent. This is all based on actual results as reported by HP customers. 
  • In addition, HP SA 10 offers HP Server Automation Standard, a virtual appliance that allows smaller organizations and department-level IT teams to begin managing server environments in less than one hour. By automating management of the server lifecycle, enterprises can speed software deployment from weeks to hours and the deployment of entire server stacks from days to minutes for rapid return on investment.


Download the HP Server Automation Standard trial – 30 day trial

With Server Automation Standard, you get a platform that manages Linux and Microsoft environments, including the ability to run compliance scans, apply patches and establish daily activities to manage compliance drift. If you’re interested in the impact automation can have, be sure to check out the HP Server Automation Standard 30-Day trial.


4 simple steps to get started :

  • Register for the Trial
  • Download the software
  • Configure your environment
  • Download additional content, such as patches

Evaluate for yourself the productivity benefits of automation. It just takes three hours (or less) to install and configure a server automation platform that typically will save your organization $30,000 in an average month.


To find out more information about HP Server Automation, visit the links below:




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