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Preparing your data center for the Cloud

Preparing your data center for the Cloud


For IT organizations preparing their datacenters for cloud environments, automation is fundamental for a smooth transition.  HP Data Center Automation (DCA) is an essential approach that recognizes business needs, along with the need for standardizing the different platforms/services/processes within the organization. This is a crucial step to the IT organization’s cloud journey, and a prelude to the deployment of HP’s Cloud Service Automation.



How do I simplify my data center transition to the Cloud ?



When preparing the cloud enabled data center for the pragmatic cloud, we start by first automating individual repetitive tasks associated with routine manual tasks. This frees up task execution resources for new projects. Then we automate process flows and standardize them for best practices. Our goal is to increase IT agility and quality in workload automation and run book automation while connecting tasks to decisions for service definition. The last phase is service delivery automation, because this is the decision trigger on when/why actions are taken.  When you automate provisioning for hybrid delivery—service delivery time is cut from months to hours.


Recognize the optimization potential of policy-based automation


Most businesses have implemented some sort of automation today to optimize their operations— and some may be in the form of scripts. However, it is always good practice to develop policy-based automation practices in addition to scripts.  That way, if there are any changes in a given policy, they are rapidly propagated throughout the supporting infrastructure without the need for manual intervention. Such is the underlying construct that is driving successful data center automation for the Cloud today.


Today’s IT organizations have need to deliver services that includes cloud vendors. This is where policy-based automation becomes a valuable feature in security and compliance. Policy-based automation facilitates the use of hybrid delivery, and allows for enhanced agility and scalability.


As a result, IT has immediate ROI to show by automating routine, repetitive, time-consuming operations. Automating business processes increases efficiency, eliminates handoffs and enhances agility.  Forester recently presented a webinar on "Automate Your Way to the Pragmatic Cloud” to help shed light on the topic. The webinar focused on how to simplify your cloud transition with the ABC’s of hybrid delivery – by Aautomating operations, Bbusiness processes and Cloud service delivery. Click on the link below to listen to the webinar.


Eventually, by automating the delivery of services, IT will be able to utilize resources from on-premises, private, managed, or public clouds.  Imagine the potential of completely barrier-free service delivery via the cloud. For more information on the industry’s most complete hybrid cloud solution for infrastructure application provisioning, and to become an enterprise-grade broker of cloud services, go to :





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