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Predictive analytics for IT: Do you have a crystal ball?

Predictive analytics for IT: Do you have a crystal ball?



Guest post by Michael Procopio


A new IDG Connect study shows the value of predictive analytics. Predictive analytics uses same big data techniques used in sales analysis applied to the vast amount of data available on the IT infrastructure. Much like retail where big data solutions predict future sales; IT predictive analytics can predict potential problems and even downtime.


IT management is well acquainted with the costs of downtime, which can range from tens of thousands to millions of dollars—depending on the industry and company. In addition to the costs of downtime, this period hurts the reputation of IT and creates havoc with service level agreements (SLAs). In addition, every hour spent on crisis management is an hour taken away from more strategic objectives.


When predictive analytics is coupled with automated configuration systems, you have a closed loop in which the problem is detected by the predictive analytics and then fixed by the configuration system. This won’t work in every case, but for problems that have been seen and solved this automated approach can shift the game from reactive to proactive.

Take a look at the full report for more detail IDG Connect study


Learn how we are using predictive analytics to help you with IT Operations.

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