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Predict trouble before it affects revenue with HP SiteScope

Predict trouble before it affects revenue with HP SiteScope


One of the main purposes of IT monitoring is to prevent revenue loss due to the impact of system malfunctions on business transactions and flows. To protect you from the dangers of this situation, HP SiteScope combines system, application, and business metrics in one instance. This enables SiteScope to predict business transaction problems based on system metrics before business flows are impacted and it alerts users of upcoming problems.


If you haven’t experienced SiteScope for yourself, you can download it here.



By using baseline and correlation analytics algorithms developed in the HP Service Health Analyzer (SHA) product, SiteScope Predictive Analytics aims to:

  • Protect business from the impact of IT issues
  • Reduce time to value
  • Speed up problem detection and isolation by identifying the correlation between application and system monitors and providing root cause analysis
  • Anticipate future issues of business applications by using a baseline to detect behavioral changes on application monitor metrics
  • Provide an alternative to defining thresholds manually


How does it work?

With three quick and simple steps, you can configure Predictive Analytics on one of your critical business monitors.


1. Select a critical business monitor from the SiteScope monitor tree:


2. Choose the system (target) monitors that will be used in the analytics correlation calculation:


3. Define Analytics alerts that will be triggered once an anomaly is detected on your business monitor:
*New AnalyticsMail template is available (including correlation results)
*New trigger option for predictive alert is available


And that’s it!!

Correlation results are available on SiteScope Analytics tab:


After configuring analytics, SiteScope learns the metrics behavior of your business monitor, and triggers an Analytics alert once an anomaly is detected:


The Analytics alert contains:
1. Baseline\static threshold results depending on  the alert that was triggered
2. Correlation results between the business monitor and the selected system monitors which help you to isolate the root cause of the problem
3. A link to impact view. This is a filtered view in Multi-View which displays the most-recent correlation tree for the business monitor and its correlated target system monitors:


We hope you will find this feature useful. I encourage you to try it for yourself by downloading SiteScope here.

You can also learn more about Sitescope here. If you have any further questions about SiteScope, you can also reach out to me in the comments section below.


Also, follow the HP Business Service Management team on Twitter @HPITOps


Written by:

Efrat Noam

Software Engineer

SiteScope Infra Team | HP Software R&D


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Bryan Topham

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

HP Systems Management

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