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Paradise by the dashboard light – Who loves dashboards?

Paradise by the dashboard light – Who loves dashboards?


“Though it's cold and lonely in the deep dark night, I can see paradise by the dashboard light.” These lyrics were made famous in 1977 by the singer Meat Loaf in his song “Paradise by the Dashboard Light”. The true question is if there is paradise by the Business Value Dashboard light.


Well also it seems a bunch of IT-focused analysts recently described the value of IT dashboards. Some call them Business Value Dashboards  (BVD) . They say these are a great way for iT to claim back their reputation as key strategic information providers and align better with business partners. We think they are right and we believe better alignment starts with visibility.


You might say "yeah, we've got lots of executive dashboards and other scorecards". However, those same industry experts are showing how some of those solutions didn't cut it or haven't delivered on the promise to enable more strategic visibility into what IT does. How it impacts the business. They're possibly right in their judgement, and we think we can change things.


We recently launched the HP Business Value Dashboard which is focused on helping IT executives see exactly how IT impacts the business. Our launch at HP Discover saw us throw the covers off of some examples of dashboards that were designed by customers—all who were delighted to see HP introduce such capabilities.


You can see one customer speaking about it during Tony Sumpster's, SVP & General Manager, IT Operations Management at Hewlett-Packard on YouTube here (forward to 25:00 to see the interview), and get another chance to hear that customer's excitement by subscribing to attend our webinar “How HP Business Value Dashboards help IT Execs score with the Board” on July 14th. You can register to attend here.



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webinar “How HP Business Value Dashboards help IT Execs score with the Board”.


Finding Paradise by the Business Value Dashboard light

What is the paradise that users see in our product? For starters BVD is a completely new take on what a dashboard can be. For ages, IT has had dashboards with spinning lights, green and red indicators. When seen individually, they don’t seem to mean a lot to a board member. But when IT metrics or status are shown at the side of revenue KPIs, order numbers, and other business KPIs then suddenly visual correlation starts to show IT’s impact. And real time updates mean they get a useful take on the "what's happening now picture". In this day and age when decisions often need to be taken on the fly, this new IT tool can make the difference.


One IT customer explained to us how new individual scan devices they rolled out in their retail outlets, showed an impact on average cart costs. The IT app performance showed clearly how quickly the articles purchased translated into re-ordering of goods across multiple branches.  That was something they could only ever see with reporting, typically several days later or more. His business line managers quickly asked for all sorts of read outs in their own dashboards. A sure sign of usefulness. This was a win for that IT manager.


Similar bank branch designs are shown in the above figure, all designed quickly and easily.

When IT and other data is represented in this fashion with physical and geographical layout , the business color of IT data becomes a LOT more apparent.


Another large and well known Telco/ISP described in their HP Discover Las Vegas 2015 session how never before had they been able to show such details to the eyes of line of business and board executives, especially not so easily.



You may be thinking that you have seen and used dashboards before. Of course,


But do yours work on any tablet, or on any smartphone?
Can they do a sub-second refresh?
Can they encapsulate Bloomberg, BBC, or even corporate video streams?
How about live Nasdaq news feeds or the equivalent?
Can they be edited in minutes on anybodies laptop and reloaded to display again?


Imagine how powerful a partner to board members and other execs you could be if you had all this capability at your fingertips!


How do you build other dashboards?
Our HP Business Value Dashboard solution uses templates of any type, developed using standard office tools, like Microsoft Visio.

You can use our example templates, edit and build your own.


Even better, how about showing the status of key IT business services embedded within the same dashboard.
Even better still, use that IT status feed live to the dashboard to change the colour of a country, state or region—a very simply way to show status at the side of that area’s revenue.


Are these capabilities useful? I’ll say. 

This is a real time editorial i.e. data fed to it is displayed immediately. Refresh rates can be sub-second.


Making IT a powerful value centre to the business
We think there is something very useful here.
We think it’s a rare and winning combination for anyone, anywhere, on your device.
You can project on the wall, display it on your car screen or wearable device—practically wherever there’s a browser. This is a true example of BYOD.


We think this is a great way of assisting IT to raise itself to become a more strategic partner. I mean that by using business data to colour your IT data, in real time, you are more likely to get a lot of board executives seeing strong value from IT.


It is beneficial to light yourself up as a key value centre.


With the HP Business Value Dashboard, at last IT has a way to really show, nay demonstrate, key IT value, and become a strategic decision enabler. Now the business will visually realize how much they depend on IT and how much value IT provides as a strategic business information provider.

We bet that as soon as you see and play with this, you’ll want to get up and get out to the next board meeting to show examples.

In later blogs we’ll show you how to get linked to all sorts of data sources including online, IT sources, business sources.


You might run a bit like a “Bat out of Hell”. (There’s a Meat Loaf reference coming back to me!)


So join us on that webinar July 14th and learn how IT Directors are enjoying this new capability.


I think it is safe to say that you have found “Paradise by the dashboard light”, by using the new HP Business Value Dashboard.

That’s fitting because the music is great too.


Click here to attend the July 14th BrightTalk webinar “How HP Business Value Dashboards help IT Execs score with the Board”.




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