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Over the Business Rainbow – A new HP Business “Heads up Display”

Over the Business Rainbow – A new HP Business “Heads up Display”


Isn’t color gorgeous? I remember when I was a kid and my parents took me to London where we stayed in a hotel and I saw a color television for the first time. I was glued to it for hours. I couldn’t believe how vibrant the images were compared to those on my black and white set at home.


Today my son works in finance and I was amazed to see the amount of information he handled in a Bloomberg app his team was using at the time.


I remember later having a discussion with a customer who said, “I like the product, but I only want a white screen when everything’s working, no data up there unless it needs to be, please”. As I recall we did a demo with a little widget that sat in the taskbar and did nothing until there were issues.


Another customer I visited a few years ago was already shining IT operations dashboards on the walls using projectors, and that’s before home cinema projectors became ubiquitous. They even had IT dashboards in the coffee corner, so experts could glance over.

A well-known Telco I visited showed us a business showroom, a modern, hip-furnished area where they could show off … dashboards.


Gathering information with a quick glance


Dashboards draw your attention, much like that color television did for me when I was a kid.

According to some analysts, the next two years will see a lot of investment in them—which is why I want to focus on them now. I also read quite a bit on the topic of Business to IT alignment, BITA for short. That’s an old term, but I think the concept is clear enough, and was a hot term a decade ago. Not a lot of the initiatives at that time were all successful, partly because it was kind of tough to get the right information in the right way in front of people.


I think IT can really make use of this idea of BITA to better describe its value and contributions to justify the department’s value, instead of just being thought of as a cost centre.


Business colors your IT data

Staying agile in this dynamic market is forcing business and IT teams to align and work together, yet IT still struggles to provide visibility. Companies need a more holistic view of their information (as well as public data) to judge which effective actions are needed. With improved visibility business teams can make more strategic decisions and propel the enterprise forward.

92 percent of enterprises have partial or no integration between IT metrics and business value. With limited visibility into IT, business teams are making decisions that could ultimately result in application and service degradation, inefficient operations, and poor customer experiences

 1Map Infrastructure and Operations Metrics to Business Value, Robert Naegle, Jeffrey M. Brooks, Gartner G00272391


After reading these statistics, is there any wonder in your mind that alignment is tough? To improve on these challenges, surely line of business executives and board members would appreciate increased visibility into what’s happening to their business—so they can make better decisions. To aid in their decision process, executives also appreciate details on what’s happening with the businesses processes, services and key apps.


I know some tools offer this type of visibility do exist out there, but people have told me they’re clunky, hard to customize, and from our research they typically don’t mix business and IT data.



(From the people I talk to, I think people would also appreciate having non-IT data in there too. Maybe a trading ticker, or a weather channel, or views of their plants and branches.



Image courtesy of


What about a businessman’s Heads Up Display (HUD)?

A businessman’s HUD offers a doable solution. Let me show you a few ideas that we’ve developed for our customers.


This figure shows a nice dashboard that merges financial performance with the status of some key IT resources.

Geographical business performance, and longer term trends make the dashboard useful for board meetings (or similar). It provides an overall general view and is valuable when executives don’t necessarily need to know the day-by-day issues, but can use the information to intervene and support teams quickly to help steer them toward their targets.









Here’s a tasty example of how the proper dashboard can help you.

Now you can view quick status updates per city and a few geo-specific business KPIs, but are augmented with escalations, news feeds and a live TV stream.





In this example we can drill down to any of the regions in question to get further details. It prepares you for announcements and worldwide events that might occur and empowers you for fast reaction so decisions an be made quickly.


I remember a couple of customers in totally different businesses and on opposiutes sides of the world telling us how weather could impact their business. Weather channels, globaly or locally , could easily be embedded into this kind of dashboard so users can track and anticipate these impacts.


With a proper dashboard with a single pane of glass view, that kind of situation would have been seen in minutes, replacing hours—or maybe days—of analysis before the link was made.


The HP Business Value Dashboard


I’ve used the new HP Business Value Dashboard (HP BVD) to show you these examples.

As a loosely coupled dashboard it doesn’t need apps to be loaded, nor graphical design packages. You design templates in standard office tools such as Microsoft Visio or Adobe Illustrator. You connect to the management platform that can provide IT status and perfromance metrics. In our case the HP BVD works well with HP Operations Bridge event correlation software, but as you have seen it will take data from non-IT sources, news feeds, streaming video and many other sources. These dashboards can be used from a standard tablet, a smartphone, and don’t need anything to be downloaded. Simpy using a browser is sufficient.


We’re showing these and a lot more details in our sessions and booths at HP Discover in Las Vegas, for example at booth # DEMO 4545, 4546 and in sessions DT952, RT1251.

If you attend the ITOM Keynote, you’ll see a customer testimonial on stage wher the customer will describe their early usage of this new software.

We’re offering a public Beta as a SaaS solution starting June 15th. If you would like to subscribe for that beta program, then Register now to use the new Public Beta here or byusing this QR code.



Learn more about Operations Manager and Operations Manager i here.

You can also download trials of the software to experience them for yourself.

The OM-to-Opsbridge evolution program including license exchange details is now live. Search on the tag OM2OpsBridge to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge. Search on OMI10F for other blogs on Omi and the Operations Bridge. Search on OMiContent for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

We are pleased to announce the HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade, version 1.1. The HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade enables you to establish a link between BMC Impact Manager and HP Operations Manager i 10 (OMi).  


The key features of this release are:   


  • Support of Operations Manager i 10 and BSM Connector 10    
  • Self-discovery  

The installation package and the integration guide are available at


We are also pleased to announce the availability of yet another extension to our fast growing catalogue of management tools, the lightweight OMi Management Pack for Docker has been released on HP-LN:


HP Discover Las Vegas 2015 is just around the corner, starting June 2nd. We have many announcements, sessions, demonstration booths for you to see and learn about our new exciting innovations.

Here is a list of our HP OpsBridge related sessions:


Session #


Date / Time




Vivit Opsbridge Deep Dive Session

Monday 1st June 1.00 – 3.00 PM

Carol Park Ken Herold

Ian Bromehead



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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

12:30 PM-01:30 PM

Mike Davies

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San Polo 3401A


Identifying the power and differentiation of a business value dashboard

Wednesday 3rd June


Luke Bradley Andreas Grollich, Vodafone Group Harald Burose, HP



See how the all new OpsBridge Business Value Dashboard turns IT data into business insight

Tuesday, June 02, 2015, 04:30 PM-05:00 PM


Luke Bradley and Andreas Grollich of Vodafone Ireland

Harald Burose, HP

Discover Theater 5, Discover Zone


Announcing HP Operations Bridge v10, case studies of Vancity and Arizona Public Services

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

09:30 AM-10:30 AM


Jay Rooney, Vancity

Ben Clonts, Arizona Public Sector

Ian Bromehead, HP

Lido 3102


How IT Event Management with analytics inside can help you dramatically improve efficiency

Thursday, June 04, 2015

01:30 PM-02:00 PM


Harald Burose, HP

Ian Bromehead, HP


Discussion Forum 5, Discover Zone


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Wednesday 3rd June 12.30-1.30PM

Luke Bradley | Andreas Grollich | of Vodafone Group William Gillen | Richa Trivedi of Fidelity Investments



Innovations in the Operations Agent are helping customers improve operations efficiency


Sanjay Chaudhary, HP David Herbstman, Wells Fargo, Kevin Hoffman, Costco



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Thursday 4th June 3-4PM

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Andy Wilkes, HP Anthony Gibson, Verizon Wireless



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Thursday 4th June

9-10 AM

Idan Harel, Doitwise Stefan Bergstein, HP



What’s new in BSM

Tuesday 2nd June


Christoph Pfister

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