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Out of Africa – Cape2Cape, will they make it?

Out of Africa – Cape2Cape, will they make it?


Hopefully you have had the chance to read my blog “Speedy Cape2Cape globetrotting – connecting you to the driver experience “. It’s all about crazy cats driving the globe from south going north for the Cape2Cape challenge , and providing a living, fast moving experimental lab to help car manufacturers, service providers, Internet of things active suppliers. Luckily for us we have the opportunity to  “live that experience with them” with this dashboard.

Will they reach their target of 19000 kms in nine days between the southern and northern most poles of the Africa and European continents? Our world record dashboard tells you second by second where they are. Don’t wait to read about it, live it with them!


They’ve flown and zoomed out of Africa into the second half of their exciting journey. But will they make it? Like me you are probably looking at their progress, seeing that they’re six days into the race and thinking, “ahhh but once they are in Europe their average speed will rise”.

Hmm. If they can average 110km/hr for the next two days, that’s 5280km. Will it be enough ?!

Stay tuned to their journey on our World Record dashboard. Crossing borders in some European countries can be a little troublesome sometimes. One question to ask, will the Austrian border closure slow them down?


How exactly do we get inside the car? What’s behind the dashboards we see getting inside the car whilst it races between start and finish?  Well, you may have already read details of the HP Software Operations Bridge Business value dashboard and maybe even followed our webinar with Kaiser Permanente.

This new and exciting dashboard is like a real time editorial as it paints information fed from various connectors.

And boy is this car stuffed with them as you can see in this figure.


There are audio recordings, health data, in-car analytics (Big Data-based using HP Vertica) smart wear, driver assistance, and more. It’s all being collected together with IT event management and communicated real-time into the Cloud. Here’s where HP Enterprise services uses HP Helion to support the team.

With all of these tools involved what is the role of Operations Bridge IT event correlation in the race?



We’ve designed the World Record dashboard and others to show snippets of that data, as well as pertinent information which helps everyone watch what’s happening and anticipate the next move.


As we show here, data feeds such as weather data, news feeds and practically any source of data can be fed straight to the dashboard.



BSM Connector collects that information and sends the data directly to BVD which waits for data being pushed. The BSM Connector offers flexibility and extensibility (e.g. scripting) and it also has connectors for many data source types.


The design of what users see (for example in the World Record Dashboard) is easily created using standard office tools such as Microsoft Visio. Any needed modifications can be made in a matter of minutes.
In the Cape2Cape project, we used a BSM Connector to govern the data flow to the Operations Bridge Business Value Dashboard.


The Cape2Cape challenge is just the start

We’ve worked on quite a lot of other projects, in fact we have over 200+ entities who have registered for the public beta of this dashboard here.

We've seen people design dashboards that show different criteria. These differences include business revenues per country, or across EMEA. Some users want this information together with the status and health of key IT services that support them, grouped geographically or logically.

One such customer indicated that despite having Terabytes of data in enterprise warehouses, they never really had visibility on a real-time basis and certainly not in a tool that could merge things such as IT event management coupled with non-IT data. According to that IT solution architect, the IT monitoring team has been able to demonstrate this using the HP Operations Bridge Business Value Dashboard. The eyes of the architects and the business stakeholders are now open to new ways IT operations position them themselves strategically and make better decisions.

Another customer tells the story of an IT datacentre water cooling issue that weakened their service delivery. According to them, they really only have ten seconds before users start to lose interest, drop sessions which has a direct impact on business. What would 10 seconds cost you!?! 

How do you stay on the ball in that kind of environment?

Getting real-time visibility is a great starting point, don’t you think?

He goes on to indicate that the HP Operations Bridge Business Value Dashboard actually helps them to:

  • Show the impact
  • Make decisions on what’s needed to keep service delivery at an acceptable level
  • Show the business partners how IT activities are bringing service back on-line

When you see what’s happening around you, it can really help to be agile and adapt to situations.

The Cape2Cape team enjoy exactly that capability as we show here. Real time views of news snippets even videos can be placed in our dashboards, thus helping people stay on the ball.

At HP Software we think this improved alignment is crucial, and so do analysts such as Gartner group and others writing about the growing importance of these dashboards.

Given that the Cape2Cape team use this dashboard to monitor progress, risks, and plan ahead. They clearly feel such visibility will positively impact their success.


Maybe you should think about having similar visibility available to your IT and business executives. Feel free to use our free trial, a demonstration and see examples of how this can be used for IT operations centric and other use cases at 


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