HPE Software is now Micro Focus
HPE Software is now Micro Focus
IT Operations Management (ITOM)

Our new way to speed your application delivery

Our new way to speed your application delivery


Development and Operations IT departments are under pressure to deliver innovative applications faster, and overcome application release delays. These delays are often caused by the manual hand-off during various stages in the application life cycle.  


The new HP Continuous Delivery Automation (CDA) software, announced at HP Discover 2012 in Frankfurt, enables customers to now deliver high-quality applications without further delays. HP Continuous Delivery Automation automates the application release process —from development and quality assurance, to staging and release into production. All of this is made possible through a single tool, available to all teams participating in the process.  


HP innovation speeds application time to market


HP Continuous Delivery Automation is powered by HP Flexible Application Modeling. This HP innovation simplifies the design and modeling of an application and its infrastructure through a building-block approach. These building blocks include application components—such as databases and middleware; and infrastructure components—such as servers and storage.


To create an application design, the user simply connects the appropriate building blocks together. The user then modifies the blocks along the application life cycle as needed, without having to modify the application code as it moves from test to stage and to production. This expedites application design and enables users to leverage best practices across multiple models.  


HP Continuous Delivery Automation provides customers with :


  • Accelerated time to value of applications with a single tool.  It automates the entire application release process, eliminating delays caused by manual hand-off between application development, testing, staging and production stages in the application life cycle.   
  • Improved application quality by eliminating manual errors. This leads to application deployment success rates as high as 95 percent (Based on a reported actual customer deployment of a predecessor product.)


Developed with customer needs and demands in mind, HP Continuous Delivery Automation continues to bridge the gap between development and operations. Learn how you can adopt a set of software delivery practices that improves collaboration between application development, testing, infrastructure and operations teams. This video will show you how HP Continuous Delivery can fulfill this role, and prepare your customers for DevOps adoption. See the attached technical whitepaper on how HP Continuous Delivery Automation can  bridge Development and Operations for faster delivery of applications.


To that end, HP Continuous Delivery Automation allows application delivery teams to work with their tools of choice.  It supports a wide variety of HP, third-party and open-source build, provisioning, deployment and monitoring solutions.  This flexibility provides IT organizations with a prime environment for innovation. Stay tuned as we release more information on how we are connecting these vital departments for your organization.  





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