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Organic changes that transform – Operations Bridge evolution announced

Organic changes that transform – Operations Bridge evolution announced



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When it comes to this time of year, it is such a joy to open the shutters and see the bold colours outside.

This photo of Azalea Way in the Seattle arboretum, describes perfectly how nature operates autonomously every year adapting to all conditions to fulfill an amazing experience we all can enjoy. Don't you wish you could just get up and walk into that experience?

In the thick of the spring season, we are announcing an organic evolution of our HPE Operations Bridge Suite. As you can see in the blog from Tom Goguen, VP/GM of the ITOM Business Unit Announcing the Container Deployment Foundation”, the ITOM software portfolio has undergone an organic evolution to adopt container technologies which provide shared BIG data services to all ITOM software suites.

Furthermore, the technologies and capabilities customers derive from them within the suite are being rendered into micro-services supported by an all new Container Deployment foundation.
The description and value of these organic evolutions are described in Tom’s blog, but the specific suite value starts with the Operations Bridge Suite 2017.04 release we’re announcing now.

  • Operations Bridge Suite 2017.04 Premium edition will be available in classic and container-based deployment version
  • Extensive scaling of the Business Value Dashboard capability to suit varying user workloads
  • Elastic performance monitoring to manage hundreds of performance metrics real streams from monitoring system collectors
  • Amazon Web Service public cloud support is extended adding automated discovery and monitoring of :

          -Amazon Elastic Block store - persistent block storage for Amazon EC2 AWS EBS.jpg

          -Amazon EC2 Container service – to run containerized applications in production AWS ECS.jpg

We’re excited about the paradigm shift and future benefits this defines, but in particular the value it will bring to our customers, some of whom clearly share our enthusiasm.

With the new micro service and containerized architecture, the HPE Operations Bridge is going in the right direction. With simpler deployment, faster versioning and streamlined patching as well as improved scalability, it’s an exciting evolution and will bring real value to us

     - Luke Bradley, Sr Manager of Engineering , Vodafone Group

Practically all modern Operations Bridge Suite implementations now exploit the business value dashboard, a powerful and unique way to exploit business and IT KPIs shown in colorful portable formats for stakeholders, subject matter experts and operations teams alike.

 BDV for HPCO Instances.jpg

One IT operations team needing to optimize resources according to private cloud workloads, has developed this example of the BVD. It centralizes information from 17 different instances of HPE Cloud Optimizer to provide them with the cross domain and datacenter views and make better decision faster on resource allocation.

Now thanks to the new micro-services architecture, the Business Value Dashboard is even more capable of helping IT pros meet the needs of dynamic workloads.

If you’re responsible for an application or the service it supports, you’ll need to make sure it works well from the start—no matter what unexpected use occurs later on. Do you experience seasonal patterns, new initiatives or unpredictable events? If so, you must be able to dynamically scale monitoring to support shifting workloads.

To support you in these initiatives the BVD and Performance Engine are engineered as micro-services, so IT teams can scale monitoring as appropriate.

Learn more about the new Container Deployment Foundation in the press release announcement here.

To learn more, stay tuned to the Operations Bridge website, or visit one of our worldwide customer events in May – The Americas ITOM Summit in Dallas in the United States, or the EMEA Customer Forums in Dublin, Ireland.

Americas ITOM Summit


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EMEA Customer Forum Dublin

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You can learn more details of this forum in our pre-event webinar, register to attend the pre-event webinar here

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