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Optimize your cloud and reclaim infrastructure capacity – today

Optimize your cloud and reclaim infrastructure capacity – today


As you move to cloud for agility, scalability and on-demand access to IT services, you face a serious challenge: How to optimize the capacity of your rapidly growing cloud. As a service provider, what if you could serve all your cloud consumers with your existing resources and get placement recommendations to ensure your resources are utilized more efficiently? What is the value of enabling your cloud subscribers to receive recommendations on right-sizing their virtual machines (VMs)?


We will be at HP Discover 2-4 Dec, session B5506 - Optimize your cloud and reclaim infrastructure capacity – today, where we will be covering:

  • Why IT needs to transform from acting in silos to offer services, from the silo data center approach to IT-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Applications and Software-as-a-Service
  • How this transformation can be facilitated through Cloud Service Automation (CSA), and the tasks which simplify IT administration workflows and delivery. And the next step to orchestrate processes and transform the service delivery as a whole
  • How to optimize self-service portals, catalogues, and get people to start provisioning
  • How we bring all this together

Register here and join us Thursday, Dec 4, 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM


By bringing together CSA (Cloud Service Automation) and vPV (Virtualization Performance Viewer), IT managers, virtualization subject matter experts, and cloud subject matter experts, can do cloud optimization, which helps the cloud administrator deliver services and the cloud consumer use those services in an optimized fashion.


What we are bringing together and what we are sharing is new information. We will talk about areas to think about, as you are designing or thinking about how you are going to roll out private and hybrid cloud services and beginning this transformation journey. Then we will identify what to consider as you are building out cloud offerings and keeping them optimized.


How do you know if you are utilizing your infrastructure as efficiently as possible, both from an administrator perspective, and enabling the cloud consumers to do the same? We help discover some of these key questions and what you need to be thinking about as well as some possible solutions.


You will learn about the combined power of Cloud Service Automation and Virtualization Performance Viewer. How you can optimize your private cloud environment to reduce costs, and how they can help in future resource planning activities. And how the user experience CSA and vPV provide and how it improves the operational efficiency while managing a private cloud environment.


You won’t want to miss this session or any of the other action that is happening at HP Discover in Barcelona. Register here so you don’t miss one moment of the action.


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