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OpsBridge monitors Docker on the fly

OpsBridge monitors Docker on the fly

Sultan Raja

Docker has just celebrated its third birthday and there is no technology including virtualization penetrated the datacenter as rapid as Docker did in the last 38 months. Docker container lifecycle starts from application development on container, through container’s deployment on production and eventually to container’s removal.  In other hand, this enormous growth creates challenge to supervise the containers across its lifecycle.

The HPE OMi Management Pack for Docker works with HPE Operations Manager i (OMi) and enables you to proctor the availability and performance of Docker containers using the HPE OMi console. Docker MP discovers Docker topology images, daemon and containers, and populate into RTSM instantly. Alerts on Containers starving for resources, network performance, work load errors, etc. The performance and availability metrics are stored in HPE Operations Agent data store which is used further for reporting and graphing solutions.

HPE has released HPE OMi Management Pack for Docker (version 2.0) on 31st May 2016. 

Key highlights of the Management Pack:Toplogy.jpg

  • Enhanced automated Docker topology discovery with image and Docker daemon.
  • Enriched automated monitoring of the performance of Docker Container.
  • Automated Monitoring Docker container log files to generate events for container specific errors and failures.
  • Performance Dashboards for Docker Host and Docker Containers.
  • Docker performance metrics streaming to the OpsBridge Store.
  • Tools to perform actions on Container for troubleshooting and remediation.

 Container Metrics, Events and Logs

Events.pngOMi Management Pack for Docker includes monitor containers throttling for CPU throttling, Memory usage limit, Disk IO Operations, container network statistics include Network In/Out Bytes, Network In/Out Packets and Network failures like Errors and Drops. It also looks into the docker container logs for errors and failures generated by container and workload with predefined patterns. It is very easy to add custom patterns to catch from docker container logs.

Performance analysis of Docker Host and Containers

Dashboard.jpgPerformance Dashboard helps you to visualize the performance of Docker host and each container at a glance and looks for performance patterns even with the past data. The dashboard for Docker Host provides summary of containers and the health of docker host. In other hand, dashboard for Docker Container provides container’s availability and resource usage overview. The new features of metrics streaming from OMi 10.11 helps you to get the pulse of Docker container performance exactly at the any given point of time.

 Inspect and Interact with Container

Tool.pngOMi Management Pack for Docker brings tools which helps to trigger actions on container when you look at the event or performance dashboard of any container. You can inspect the container or you can look at the container logs. Any particular container can be stopped and started again via the tools. You can also interact with your container by running commands inside container to troubleshoot the issue or to rectify the issue. 

There are Key Performance Indicators defined for Container Availability and set of Topology Based Event Correlation (TBEC) for Docker container and Docker host performance.


 Comprehensive Reporting on Docker  

OBR_Report.jpgOBR Docker Content provides comprehensive reporting on Docker Environments. It includes consolidated performance reporting for Docker eco system which includes Docker Host, Images, Containers.

The OMi MP for Docker does not require an OMi Management Pack license. With this version, OMi Management Pack for Docker is under HPE standard support (no longer community supported).


Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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The ablility to snap in ready made opearational dashboards metrics and rules for third party systems makes OMi a serious player in the DevOps space.

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