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Operations Manager i: Unlock the value of stream-based event correlation

Operations Manager i: Unlock the value of stream-based event correlation


Guest post by Carol Park, Operations Bridge R&D team


Have you ever wondered how Stream-based event correlation (SBEC) works? Do you want to learn how to use SBEC? Have you tried creating SBEC rules but they didn't work the way you expected? Or perhaps you are evolving from Operations Manager (OM) to HP Operations Manager i (OMi) for incident management and want to replace your Composer correlators with SBEC rules.


What is SBEC?


Stream-based event correlation (SBEC) is one of many tools in the OMi 9.2x and 10.x administrator’s toolbox. Other tools include:

  • Topology-based event correlation (TBEC)
  • Pairwise correlation
  • Duplicate suppression
  • Time-based event automation (TBEA)
  • Event suppression
  • Customizing events via Groovy scripts as they are processed through the event pipeline


Briefly, there are three types of SBEC rules: combination, repetition and missing recurrence. They use event filters to identify events to correlate, and the action is to suppress, close or modify the events, as well as create new events. You can also relate events as cause/symptom within SBEC.


These new videos will help you understand the power of stream-based event correlation:

How to use SBEC to combine events


How to use SBEC to correlate repeated events



What’s new?


The new SBEC technical whitepaper is a one-stop all you need to know about SBEC. You can import the Content Pack of example SBEC rules and see how they work by submitting events as described in the readme.



Please share your thoughts and questions on SBEC and how you are using it streamline your IT Operations. Simply post a comment below and I will respond to your toughest questions.


OMi is part of the HP Operations Bridge solution offering Automated, Unified Management and Analytics for IT Operations in a single pane of glass. For more information on what exactly HP Operations Bridge is and a demo, please see our video, and watch our Google hangout here.

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