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Operations Bridge Suite and Hybrid IT: A walk in the clouds with OMi Management Packs

Operations Bridge Suite and Hybrid IT: A walk in the clouds with OMi Management Packs


“We at Hewlett Packard Enterprise believe that a hybrid infrastructure is the future of enterprise ITHybrid infrastructure is our fundamental framework for how we think about our strategic initiatives and our future,” said Bill Hilf, SVP and GM of HPE Cloud in a presentation at last HPE Discover 2015 in London. For more details, read about what ‘hybrid infrastructure’ really means.cloudMP.png

As Enterprises transform themselves to  hybrid infrastructure: adopting the right mix of public cloud, private cloud, and traditional IT, HPE Operations Manager i-series (OMi) along with rich set of Omi Management Packs empowers them to have sense, analyze and adapt IT operations management software. OMi Management Packs already cover more than 100 different technologies and management tools,

Now with the introduction of our new HPE Operations Bridge suite its getting richer on Cloud and Container areas by expanding monitoring capabilities on Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS), Helion OpenStack and Docker. What is striking about these new edge content is continuous showcase and validation with customers, partners and experts.

Some of the key highlights with the addition of these new Management Packs are:

Hybrid IT Monitoring:

  • Automated discovery and visualization of your Hybrid IT based services which includes on-premise data center, private cloud and public cloud infrastructure as a single pane of glass.
  • Monitor the cloud infrastructure along with traditional IT. Get notification for cloud service availability, workload and performance metrics breaches threshold.
  • Apply automated heuristic algorithms to analyze the vast amounts of data and find the most pertinent information for operationsdiscovery.png
  • The OMi Management Pack for OpenStack Service Health enables you to monitor the availability and response time of the OpenStack service URLs made available by the Keystone catalogue store. It provides a topology visualization of the different OpenStack components like Region, Nova, Swift, Cinder and the service end points associated with them, Availability Zones, Host Aggregates, Controller and Compute Nodes enabling the simplified visualization and monitoring of the service end points. OMi Management Pack for OpenStack Service Health includes Aspects and Run-time Service Model (RTSM) View.
  • The OMi Management Pack for Docker enables you to monitor the availability and performance of Docker containers using the HPE OMi Docker MP discovers Docker topology images, daemon and containers, and populate into RTSM instantly. Alerts on Containers starving for resources, network performance, work load errors, etc
  • The HPE OMi Management Pack for AWS enables you to monitor AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances using the HPE OMi console. Also, you can monitor the AWS Service Health Dashboard based on the services and regions. OMi MP for AWS discovers, collects and connects to AWS account with parameters - AWS Access Key and AWS Secret Key.
  • The OMi Management Pack for Microsoft Azure enables you to monitor the availability and performance of the Microsoft Azure services using the HPE OMi console. It can also discover Azure VMs, region and Service. OMi MP for Microsoft Azure connects, discovers and collects from Azure account with parameters - Azure Subscription ID, Azure Subscription Name, and Azure Subscription Management Certificate.
  • Infrastructure, traditional applications and Opensource application monitoring. Management Pack covers wide range of application and Infrastructure, with several important new features. Find out more about the advantages of OMi management packs to meet your unique needs here.

Performance DashboarddockerPD.jpg

It highlights performance bottlenecks, overlay performance data with Event and refreshes automatically.

Performance Data visualization and performance management experience is now enhanced with the HTML 5 based UI and dashboard views.

With this new performance dashboard, it is intuitive and simple to manage performance of application and underline Infrastructure.



 Cross Domain IT Operations Reports

  • HPE Operations Bridge Reporter Content Pack provides detailed reports that enables users to view and analyze historical information about the respective application.
  • You can use these reports to analyze the availability, health, and performance of the application servers.
  • Out of the box Reports for these cloud environnements cover traditionnel applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Containers etc.





Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or an evaluation license.

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