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Operations Analytics events in Operations Bridge

Operations Analytics events in Operations Bridge


Operations Analytics processes and analyzesHPE20160726040_1600_0_72_sRGB.jpg your organization’s big data. This is important because metrics data, as well as events and log messages, along with topology, are all coming together to give us a better understanding of and better visibility into trends, faster root cause analysis and early alerts before business is impacted.

Focus on predictive alerts

Operations Analytics can alert on one metric as well as on a group of metrics, no matter its source. In this way, it can learn the information that is hidden in your log messages and files, and alert you when it is acting abnormally. These alerts can trigger a mail, script or SNMP traps, but also, you can easily configure these valuable alerts to sending event to Operations Bridge.

The general flow

Operations Analytics triggers an alert and write it into a log file (OpsA server). The Operations agent, installed on the OpsA server, reads the file, transforms the alert and send it to OMi.gabe1.png


Here are the steps needed in order to get all Operations Analytics alerts send events to OMi 10.x:


Configure OpsA to send alerts to OMi10.x

Operations Analytics server contains an Operation Agent.

First, the OA needs to be activated by running the following command:

/opt/OV/bin/OpC/install/opcactivate -srv [omi10.x gateway name] -cert_srv [omi10.x gateway name]

Run the following command in order to check if the agent has a trusted certificate (wait a little before running the check):

/opt/OV/bin/ovcert –list

If the trusted certificates list is empty (see screenshot below), you need to grant the agent a certificate.


gabe2.jpgGranting the certificate is done in OMi.


Open OMi and navigate to Administration-> Setup and Maintenance-> Certificate Requests


Grant the Certificate request by clicking on the gabe4.png

After the certificate is granted, go back to Operations Analytics server to verify the agent has a trusted certificate.

Note: the request from the agent is sent to the GW. The GW in turn passes that to the DPS which will directly send the signed certificate to the agent. We have seen some customers preventing the DPS talking directly to the outside world, which prevents the certificate getting sent to the agent.gabe3.jpg


 Operations Analytics server installation contains the OMi content pack:

Copy the content pack to the local host and import it in OMi

(Administration-> Setup and Maintenance-> Content Packs, click on gabe5.png in order to import the CP)

Deploy the relevant log file policy.

And you’re done!

Now you should get the alerts from Operations Analytics forwarded to OMi. Thanks for reading!

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