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Operations Analytics, built on the power of HP HAVEn n-apps

Operations Analytics, built on the power of HP HAVEn n-apps


Guest Post by Yair Horovitz , Chief Functional Architect - Big Data Analytics 


Discover 2013 banner.pngI attended the HAVEn session this morning at HP Discover and I learned so much that I want to share with you. For those of you unfamiliar with HAVEn  here is a short intro. HAVEn is HP’s industry-leading Big Data platform.


HAVEn is an acronym. HAVE stands for the four data engines empowering this big data platform – ·         H stands for Hadoop / HDFS ·         A is Autonomy IDOL ·         V is Vertica ·         E stands for Enterprise Security and is the ArcSight Logger technology ·         n in HAVEn stands for nApps. These are the multiple applications that HP, customers and partners can build using this Big Data platform.


To learn more about HAVEn visit our homepage here.


The HAVEn session started with Ian Bromehead, Senior Product Marketing Manager, presenting on Operations Analytics. Operations Analytics is the first of the nApps built by HP on top of the HAVEn platform. Ian spoke about the new style of IT, and the complexity introduced by the multitude of technologies and devices being introduced, some of which without the knowledge of IT.


The need to be adequately prepared for this new style of IT is apparent. We can no longer manage by exception, thresholds, and known patterns. The huge amount of data being generated by complex IT prevents us from defining all these events and rules in advance. We need to make sure we have ALL our data collected and analyzed, so we have it on hand to investigate any IT issue coming our way.


The only way to make real use of this data is with a high performing data store. You need a data store that can handle terra bytes and peta bytes of data, in a short amount of time. This is where Vertica comes into play.


The enormous amount of information continuously generated by the IT environment, requires Vertica to provide the real-time insight IT professionals expect.


HP Operations Analytics uses Vertica to deliver high performance analytics for IT. One of the cool features and product differentiators of Operation Analytics is what we like to call the “IT Time Machine”. The “IT Time Machine” enables playback of all your IT information (metrics, events, and logs) so you can quickly identify emerging patterns and changes in behavior. As you playback, the different graphs and visualizations are updated in real-time as Vertica quickly analyzes all your IT data.


Vertica is the industry leader in high performance big data storage.  Vertica’s amazing performance accelerates the time to resolution for IT issues.


To learn more about HP Operation Analytics, see the “IT Time Machine” in action, come and visit us in the HP Operations Analytics booth – booth 4606 in the software pavilion.


To learn more about HP Operations Analytics visit us at


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