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Operate with clockwork CONSISTENCY ... by first being Agile in DevOps

Operate with clockwork CONSISTENCY ... by first being Agile in DevOps


Cloud practitioners are missing the much-needed cadence for IT Consistency. Consistency in delivery and quality of complex multi-tier applications. For that certainty and rhythm in business.


Without a doubt, cloud innovations have forever changed the IT industry.  As more business users move to adopt cloud, there is a greater desire for cloud practitioners to deliver faster business results. But it is not just speed that is required; users are also looking for higher quality across all application lifecycle stages including the build, test and deployment stages.


Competitive pressures and AGILE development methods have increased the frequency of application releases. However, deployment processes are still manually driven and error-prone. This creates tension between teams. Further complicating the scenario is the fact that development and operations teams are operating in silos and lacking effective collaboration. 


Is there a solution that alleviates the tension and meets the demands?


With teams constantly under pressure to improve time to value, automated deployment and continuous delivery becomes fundamentally essential to enabling consistent repeatable application deployment for cloud practitioners. This applies particularity to the role flexible application modeling plays in automating application release management. It allows for clockwork consistency to independently model infrastructure and application requirements while managing versions, configurations and even other application components.


By automating application release management, cloud management tools such as HP’s Continuous Delivery Automation have allowed organizations to realize the promise of consistent, repeatable and seamless release of quality applications rapidly across different environments. It also provides application portability across application development, quality assurance, staging and production. 


To find out how HP Continuous Delivery Automation can help your business realize its full potential, in finding agility in the age of applications, download the attached whitepaper.  Also see HP Continuous Delivery Automation in action at the demo booths in the coming HP Discover 2012 event at Frankfurt.




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