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Opens this Sunday ! Come see HP at VMworld 2013

Opens this Sunday ! Come see HP at VMworld 2013


With written contribution from Mike Zuber (AMS Cloud Lead)


When I speak with technology professionals, the topic often turns to how their IT organization is treated by the rest of the company. In general, I hear two themes to the challenges they face today—they are either simply considered a cost center or their technology is recognized as the heartbeat of their organization.


1. “We are just a Cost Center”

When times are tough in the business, this is usually where the conversation goes.  This occurs when the IT team feels it’s getting paid to keep the lights on, perform some required upgrades and generally keep the business compliant with industry and government regulations. This is  not a fun environment to work in.


Instead of simply accepting this situation—and letting it wring the creativity out of you—do something about it! Technology is a wonderful, powerful thing; especially technology that can save the business money, provide a higher level of service or offer a new route to market. This is why businesses are evaluating solutions that can perform automation, orchestrate processes and provide a self-service portal for users to request and receive services.


It is important to take a good long look at your company to understand your business. How can you make business better? Find out the key metrics executives care about—market share, earnings per share, cost per unit, etc.—and look for ways you can improve them. And when you start talking about things they care about and solving their problems, you will find that IT is no longer just a cost center, but a valuable resource that warrants a seat at the big table. Come have that discussion with HP’s trusted advisors during VMworld 2013. Start your discussion with HP Automated Data Center, as we examine critical issues addressed in the blog, “3 simple steps to automate your IT” and learn how we can build a better business together.


2. “Technology is the heartbeat of our organization.”

It’s always good when companies embrace technology as a competitive advantage. But there is a downside to that mentality for the IT organization: standing in that spotlight can get hot. It’s risky to be the IT organization that’s expected to provide a new route to market, a new service or drive significant earnings per share. What happens if you miss or slip a date? The heat increases and people could lose their jobs because they didn’t serve the business. If you work in this type of company, you need to focus on risk mitigation and time to market.


For example, consider a scenario where the top executives or directors want a new cloud-based service deployed in the next three to six months. As a technology professional, you understand:

  • The software assets and tools you currently have
  • The platforms being leveraged by the largest cloud providers in the market
  • That OpenStack is maturing nicely

 You may understand these three choices, but the wrong bet or missed date could mean receiving your walking papers!


A positive step forward is to look for a provider that offers an open framework that can leverage your current software infrastructure, and which is ready today—this gives you your best shot at an expedited time-to-market. This same provider should also have both feet firmly planted in the OpenStack world to ensure that as the model evolves, you’ll reap the rewards.


As you explore the use of HP Cloud Management at the Solution Exchange areas during VMworld 2013, remember to have that CIO discussion on hybrid cloud delivery with the HP’s trusted advisors there. This is your opportunity to learn about the driving forces that exist in the hybrid cloud environment when getting control of IT’s complexity.  


See you soon at the Solution Exchange area during VMworld 2013 !

Regardless of which category your organization falls into, we are ready to help. If you need to change status quo perceptions, we offer a platform for automation and orchestration that drives value and provides new services to the business that they didn’t expect.


On the other hand, if the heat is on to deliver a competitive advantage, we also have your back with the size and scope to support your efforts. We also have the  investments you need to ensure you’re at the forefront of technology innovations.


So come see us at the HP demo stations at the Solution Exchange area during VMworld 2013.  Gain a first hand look of the HP Automated Data Center and HP Cloud Management solutions in action at the HP demo stations. What ever the reason, we look forward to meeting you soon!



Editor’s note: This is part of a series of blog posts that look at how cloud administrators use HP Cloud Management. You can follow the series on Grounded In the Cloud.

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