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OMi documentation – A new look, feel and simplified access to learn about Operations Bridge Suite

OMi documentation – A new look, feel and simplified access to learn about Operations Bridge Suite


Prospective customers use documentation to get a complete picture of a product and understand how their business can benefit from its features and capabilities. Actual users look at the documentation to learn how to utilize the product to its full potential and get answers to specific questions.

We consider product documentation to be one of key factors in creating a positive customer experience and believe that good documentation adds a tremendous value to a product. That is why, our focus is to continuously improve the Operations Bridge Suite documentation and provide our prospective and existing customers with the content that is easily accessible, searchable, well-organized and contains all the information that they need.

So let’s have a look at our recent changes!

First of all, the new Software Information Portal is now available! The new format allows you to access product documentation with a single click. This tremendously facilitates information accessibility and allows you to browse the documents by product/product version.

OMi doc portal2.PNG

The Operations Manager i (OMi) documentation is now presented in the Operations Bridge Suite focus (of which OMi is the core) and provides the functional overview of capabilities of the products included into the Suite.

OMi doc portal3.PNG

We also significantly modified the look and feel of the OMi online help. The new elegant design simplifies the user experience by providing task-oriented content and enables quick and easy navigation:

  • The content is divided into individual categories (Get Started, Integrate, Administer, Use, …) with links to each category at the top of the page
  • A breadcrumb trail enables you to keep track of your location within the OMi help and go back to the previously viewed page(s) if required
  • A separate TOC for categories and the sections within these categories facilitates navigation and enables quick access to the relevant content
  • The Home tab takes you to the OMi documentation start page
  • Powerful search allows you to discover relevant content and search for answers to specific questions

OMi doc portal4.PNG

Last but not least, the Software Information Portal also provides many useful links pointing to how-to videos, blog articles, as well as the Operations Bridge Evolution resources, enabling you to access the content that you need with a single click.

OMi doc portal1.PNG

The OMi documentation now scores with the new design and smart navigation, and the new intuitive Software Information Portal enables you to access many useful resources from one place – making it easy for you to find the information you look for! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know either by providing feedback directly (by clicking Send Help Center feedback from any OMi online help page), by sending an email to or by commenting on this article.

Explore full capabilities of Operations Bridge via the new Software Information Portal and take a look at our Business Value Dashboard (BVD), Operations Bridge Analytics (OBA), Operations Bridge Reporter (OBR), Operations Connector (OpsCx) and Operations Orchestration (OO) documentation!

Try OMi now! Operations Manager i comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting the Management Pack software or an evaluation license.

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