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OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution: Evolve to OMi Management Pack with “SPI to MP Evolution Tool”

OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution: Evolve to OMi Management Pack with “SPI to MP Evolution Tool”


With HPE Operations Bridge, you sense the state of IT configuration and health of dependent services and objects, analyze all of you data and adapt using automated remediation and refine monitoring. It provides a single-pane-of-glass based visibility into the “state” of your IT through the integration of the data provided by domain operations management tools. If you are an existing user of HPE tools like Operations Manager, PI, Reporter, etc., you can benefit from the huge advantages of OpsBridge, just as our other customers have, with OM-to-OpsBridge Evolution program.

If you are a using OM Smart Plug-ins (SPIs), you can evolve to OMi Management Pack and get terrific benefits from several important new features.  We’ve released the HPE SPI to MP Evolution Tool, which enables you to migrate your infrastructure and application monitoring platform customization from the HPE Operations Manager (using OM Smart Plug-In) to the HPE Operations Manager i (using OMi Management Pack). Operations Bridge Evolution Guide, OMi Management Packs Evolution Guide and SPI to MP Evolution Tool helps you transition from HPE Operations Manager (OM) SPIs to OMi MPs when moving responsibilities from an HPE OM server to HPE OMi.

Key Highlights of HPE SPI to MP Evolution Tool (1.0)

  • SPI to MP evolution from days to few hours
  • SPI to MP evolution 10K-25K clicks to few clicks
  • Supported SPIs: Smart Plug-in for Oracle, Smart Plug-in for Microsoft SQL Server, Smart Plug-in for Oracle Weblogic Application Server, Smart Plug-in for IBM WebSphere Application Server, Smart Plug-in for Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Supported policy types: Measurement Threshold Policy, Scheduled Task Policy, Config file Policy, Logfile Entry Policy, Windows Event Log Policy, Opcmsg Policy, WMI Polic

 The functioning of the SPI to MP Evolution Tool

The SPI customized policies are copied to the OMi Server. The tool first verifies the versions of the Smart Plug-ins for supportability and then uses the SPI to MP Mapping files to create newer versions of MP policies with SPI customizations. The tool generates a report that you can use to verify the customizations migrated to MP policies. After verification, you can upload the MP policies to the OMi Server.SPI2MPToolOverview.png

The SPI to MP Evolution Tool provides a mechanism to selectively move customizations from SPI to MP. By default, the tool reads the SPI policy customizations and updates the corresponding MP policy template for the list of attributes. You can configure the tool to skip the selected policy attributes either completely or skip certain values in the attributes. Some of the scenarios supported by the SPI to MP Evolution Tool:

  • SPI deployed to monitor multiple application instances
  • Removing attributes that need not be migrated
  • Policy tagging
  • SPI User Defined Metrics
  • Migrating SPI from multiple OMs to a single OMi

 Tool output of Sample Policy Group “OracleGroup1”.



Verify Policies Migrated to MP and uploaded in OMi, under Administration > Monitoring > Policy Templates


The generated summary report is HTML based containing the details about evolution status of the customized SPI policies. You can use this report to verify and validate the customization mapped to MP policies. After validating the evolution status, you can upload these policies to the OMi Server.


Sample SPI 2MPTool Merge Report


The OM-to-OpsBridge evolution program including license exchange details is now live. Search the tag “OM2OpsBridge” to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge. Search the tag e “OMiContent” for other blogs on management packs and connectors.

Try OMi now! OMi 10.10 comes pre-loaded with a number of Management Packs that you can try out without the hassle of getting management pack software or evaluation license.

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You can see demonstrations and find out more details of this and other features of our HPE Operations Bridge solution in our sessions and at our booths during HPE Discover Las Vegas.

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