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Now you can accelerate your network management for “FREE”!

Now you can accelerate your network management for “FREE”!

Mark Pinskey

OK, I know what you are thinking.  You’re probably wondering by now, “Manage your network for free”?  Did he really say free?  Well wonder no more.  Today, I am excited to announce the release of HP Network Node Manager i Free (HP NNMi Free).


HP is very proud to bring to you a 25 node free version of the industry-leading network management product, Network Node Manager i.  All you have to do is select the “perpetual” NNMi Free license at installation time and you’re on your way to “free”.


HP NNMi Free allows you to try out Network Node Manager i at your pace and enjoy all of the power and value that this network management solution delivers.  HP NNMi Free will lighten your load when it comes to monitoring the fault, availability and performance of your network.


HP NNMi Free is a recognized leader when it comes to providing network management value around network discovery, problem isolation, root cause analysis, reducing mean-time-to-repair plus a whole lot more.


The NNMi Free console displaying network topology detail with performance guages displayed


What the “Power of Free” really means to you


You have probably heard me talk about it before, but the network is a mission critical “service”. This statement is true for all ranges and types of businesses:  from the smallest organizations to the largest.  I heard a comment a while back from a customer who utilizes Network Node Manager i, and I thought it was quite interesting:


“Everybody has heard of Mean Time to Repair, well we like to use the term MTTI which stands for Mean Time to Innocence.  Please let me explain.  Generally when applications are not available or response times for transactions get slow, operators in the NOC turn to NNMi to determine the health of the network and the network service levels.  Our NOC team can effectively diagnose and respond to concerns around network fault, availability and performance problems in an expedient manner thereby decreasing the time required to arrive at MTTI.  In other words, prove quickly that the network is not the culprit to the user community.”


The NNMi Incident browser


HP NNMi Free represents a single, consolidated pane-of-glass where all network events are processed and correlated.  It gives you the ability to rapidly identify network failures and performance or service instabilities—a key set of value propositions.  NNMi Free also includes a powerful, built-in discovery engine; as NNMi Free discovers the layer-2 network, it builds an inventory database of all discovered network objects.  An administrator has full control over what is actually discovered and what is actually monitored by NNMi Free. The devices that are discovered can then be graphically displayed on customized hierarchical maps which could reflect an organizations actual physical geography for the devices.


Your call to action!


I encourage you to take advantage of this free offer and download your copy of HP NNMi Free today.  For more detailed information on HP NNMi Free please visit our HP NNMi website and select the “HP NNMi Free Tab”.  From here you can explore more on what HP NNMi Free includes as a solution and you can also download valuable installation and deployment guides to help get you running fast. 


Want to know more about HP NNMi Free and how to harness the “Power of Free”?


During the next few months we will provide you with more articles that are sure to enrich your experience with HP NNMi Free.  We believe that NNMi Free will make your job easier by allowing you to work with an industrial-strength solution to help monitor the health and availability of your network.  Now you will be able to redirect your energy and focus on more proactive network management activities knowing that HP NNMi Free is hard at work managing the network in real-time.


We would appreciate hearing from you on your experience with HP NNMi Free.  For any comments or suggestions please send mail to this mailbox and thanks again.

Mark K. Pinskey

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