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Now there is 1 solution for monitoring your Multi-Tier WebLogic Applications

Now there is 1 solution for monitoring your Multi-Tier WebLogic Applications


As an application owner, you are responsible for ensuring the availability and performance of your web application. When users complain about degrading performance, you need to identify the root cause and fix it before it impacts the business. Contrary to popular belief, it is not solving the problem that is the key challenge, but it is identifying the root cause in time. 


  • Have you been in a situation like this where you struggle to pin-point the root cause of the performance issue? 
  • Have you wondered why pinpointing the root cause in a multi-tier Web Application is such a pain?



In a multi-tier application, there are complex inter-dependencies. There are two main factors that make troubleshooting multi-tier Web Applications a big challenge:


#1: Different domain, different solution

In a multi-tier application there are multiple applications working in tandem. If we consider the example of the WebLogic Application, then we have the WebLogic Server Modules, the database layer and the underlying infrastructure working together. Though these applications work together, the monitoring is not coherent. Typically there are different teams managing these domains in silos with their own monitoring tools:


  • A DBA would use a vendor-specific analysis tool
  • The WebLogic admin will use the WebLogic Console
  • The Network administrator would use different network monitoring solutions and so on…


These domain specific toolsets only provide a narrow view of the system because there is no coherence between these different tools.


#2: Too many events to filter from

In a multi-tier application, an issue in one tier can have impact on other tiers (e.g., the middleware WebLogic application tier depends on the database tier). Given that most of the application monitoring solutions work in silos, when an issue occurs, each monitoring solution generates events related to the domain it monitors. Many of these events are only symptoms and the teams get caught up in troubleshooting the symptoms without realizing where the root-cause lies. Often, this leads to long troubleshooting cycles and increases the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).


How do we go from Application specific monitoring to Composite Application monitoring?

The need of the hour is a single integrated solution to monitor the composite application (as a whole). You need a single pane of glass that not only consolidates events from all domains, but also helps to pin-point the root cause.


Operations Manager i (OMi) along with its Management Packs is the integrated solution that helps you solve this problem with automated monitoring. Let us continue with the example of a WebLogic Web Application with an underlying Oracle database. To monitor a composite WebLogic Web Application we can use a solution that comprises of:


With this solution in place you get:

  • A comprehensive end-to-end view of the entire application
  • A single management template for monitoring the entire composite application
  • A single pane of glass to view all events
  • Out-of-the-box correlation rule for faster root cause detection
  • A single window to fine tune monitoring configuration



OMi along with the Management Pack for Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Database and Infrastructure constitute the integrated solution that can provide for comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring of the availability and performance of the WebLogic application infrastructure.

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To learn more, visit the OMi Management Pack page.


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