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Now available! Public cloud monitoring: The end-to-end hybrid view with HP OMi and HP Helion

Now available! Public cloud monitoring: The end-to-end hybrid view with HP OMi and HP Helion

Stefan Bergstein

In one of my previous posts on the BSM blog, I talked about the case for integrating cloud monitoring into IT Management. The main driver for this integration is that you can now have a holistic view of all the virtual machines that run your hybrid cloud applications. It gives you the needed the end-to-end view for efficient performance, availability and capacity management. This is all possible in a single management console for your hybrid workload running on public and private cloud and in your traditional datacenter.


Earlier this month, HP announced HP Helion, a portfolio of cloud products and services that enables you to build, manage and consume workloads in hybrid IT environments. HP Helion incorporates existing HP cloud offerings and new OpenStack® technology–based products.


With the HP Helion public Cloud monitoring service and the HP OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud, it is now possible to extend HP Operations Manager i (OMi) into an integrated Cloud monitoring solutions with a few clicks.


What are HP OMi Management Packs?

HP OMi Management Packs are a simplified, next-generation, end-to-end monitoring solution for infrastructure and application infrastructure. With automated discovery and deployment, simplified configuration and out of the box content, OMi Management Packs provide capabilities to:

  • Proactively monitor application performance and availability
  • Troubleshoot your infrastructure
  • Remediate issues across the applications in your IT Environment

Out of the box content such as topology views, predefined thresholds, correlation rules, graphs and reports ensure that your application infrastructure is brought under the monitoring umbrella with minimal effort.


Monitor HP Helion Public Cloud with the HP OMi Management Pack

The HP OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud enables you to monitor HP Public Cloud. This management pack includes capabilities to monitor HP Public Cloud Compute Services, which are provided as a part of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) from HP Public Cloud. Using the OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud, the user can discover, monitor, and detect performance issues, through events and performance graphs, of compute instances (Cloud VMs). Hybrid IT environments, which include on-premise data centers and public cloud can be managed using the OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud along with other Management Packs.


Try it

 You can now download the HP OMi Management Pack for HP Cloud from HP Live network.

The management pack uses the HP Cloud RESTful API endpoints to retrieve topology and metric information for all your virtual machines running on HP Cloud. This allows you to see all of your HP Cloud Compute resources monitored in HP OMi in few minutes.


Learn more

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If you are interested to find out how the HP BSM solution can help you create a holistic end-to-end view of your on-premise and Cloud IT landscape, visit our Systems management site to get more information.



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