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Next-generation network management at Robert Bosch GmbH

Next-generation network management at Robert Bosch GmbH


Guest post by Balaji Venkatraman, Director of Business Service Management, HP Software


Join me and Tobias Huck of Bosch at HP Discover Barcelona, Dec 2-4. Tobias will cover how he and his team evaluated new options for their network management tools and the relationship that they were able to the drive with their supplier.


This is a technical and business presentation, targeting operations managers who are dealing with deployments of their own. CIO and VP level executives in charge of vendor selection and management will also benefit from this talk.


The Bosch next-generation network is a global deployment, with multiple regional instances of HP Network Node Manager I (NNMi) network management software linked to a global operations center. Regional operations staff are primarily responsible for incidents during their work day, with backup provided from the global operations team. Bosch supports over 37 thousand active network components distributed over one thousand sites. At any given time, there are about 130 active network operators, segmented into four regions. Bosch has a complex and precise access control scheme to delegate management, and Tobias will discuss the challenges this poses.


Bosch is a supplier of all kinds of different products. They provide electronic components to other manufacturing consumers as well as direct consumer products, and they understand the importance of building and maintaining good relationships with their suppliers. So when they started to consider a new network management tool supplier, relationship management was an important part of their process.


Let’s look at how Bosch balances their key considerations:



So when evaluating a solution, it is important to balance product functionality and total cost of ownership with a key third element around vendor cooperation and collaboration.


Product functionality is obviously very important, and it produces results in terms of operating costs. But they feel that equally important to these two aspects is the quality of the collaboration and cooperation with their supplier.


During the “Next-generation network management at Robert Bosch GmbH Bosch” session, Tobias will discuss:

  • The selection process
  • The solution design
  • How they collaborated with HP to ensure that the features that they needed are present in the product.

They’ll also talk about their deployment challenges in the ongoing deployment. Tobias is traveling the world to each region to deliver Bosch specific operational training.


Attendees will understand how other similar large enterprise companies are looking at their challenges and how they are addressing them. This session is geared at people who are considering an emerging set of challenges for large enterprise providers -- large enterprise service providers internally, with a desire to understand how their peers are solving these problems.


Bosch particularly emphasizes the focus on collaboration and cooperation with the software vendor.

When you attend the session you will get a different perspective on the assessment of business impact in the solutions for challenges that they are facing. We’ll introduce the notion of starting with a comprehensive business problem definition, rather than an individual set of features.



This starts with a one-liner problem summary of persona, frequency, then a narrative about the process that you are trying to support, and what comes out of that process. Then quantifying the business or financial impact of solving that problem, and the assumptions that support that.


I think helps our customers get clear about how they want to prioritize issues with their software vendor and it helps us get clear about what kinds of impacts we can have on the customer's business.


Attendees will walk away understanding the challenges Bosch faced and how to overcome them. These include technical challenges, organizational and process challenges as well as training and education challenges.


You won’t want to miss this session or any of the other action happening at HP Discover in Barcelona. Join us Dec 2-4 to get the details. Register here so you don’t miss one moment of the action.


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