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New in the Docker Store - Docker certified HPE Software shows business impact of Docker containers

New in the Docker Store - Docker certified HPE Software shows business impact of Docker containers


Docker-certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise ITOM monitoring solutions for Docker containers are available on the brand new Docker store.Docker certified.png

We would like to congratulate HPE on their acceptance into the Docker Certified Program,” said Marianna Tessel, EVP, Strategic Development. “Enterprise IT teams are looking to Docker to provide recommendations and assurances on the ecosystem of container content, infrastructure and extensions. HPE inclusion into the program indicates that Operations Bridge Agent has been tested and verified by Docker, confirming for customers that our Operations Bridge Agent container images have been evaluated for security and are supported and built according to best practices.”

If you are a user of Docker containers, you can now move faster to Autonomous Operations with HPE Operations Bridge solution for Docker, and obtain our Operations Bridge agent directly from Docker Store which was launched on March 2nd 2017.

The HPE Operations Bridge solution consolidates IT monitoring data from HPE and third-party monitoring tools, to provide a single pane of glass for IT Operators and specialists. It offers:

  • Automated discovery
  • Monitoring
  • Multi-mode IT Event correlation
  • Big Data analytics
  • Automated remediation with thousands of runbooks available and extensive KPI library

Operations Bridge covers over 110+ modern technologies as well as traditional IT environments through to full Hybrid IT.

When you download the Docker-certified HPE Operations Agent you gain access to capabilities to show hundreds of metrics in real-time streaming mode. They can potentially be grouped into domain specific performance dashboards and real-time tablet ready dashboards that summarize what’s happening for executive stakeholders with business value dashboards showing business and IT status and information.

The solution integrates over 100+ different technologies using OpsBridge Management packs and Operations Connectors. They work to integrate popular IT tools such as Microsoft SCOM, Nagios and others, and Management Packs associated with operations agents, that execute domain specific deep monitoring, log handling and local analysis.

Customers using this solution enjoy a high degree of automation to focus on root cause faster than ever before, reduce event volumes often by 80 percent, and find root cause 72 times faster than by manual methods alone. This assists IT operations to gain autonomous operations.

Key highlights of the OpsBridge Management pack for Docker:

  • Enhanced automated Docker topology discovery – OpsBridge Management pack for Docker comprises of out of the box automated discovery for Docker infrastructure including clusters, images, daemons, containers and applications and creation of respective elements in embedded Run time service model (RTSM) to provide a topology map.  Automated discovery means Docker containers are discovered and optional deployment and activation of monitoring is executed automatically.automated docker topology discovery.png


  • Enriched automated monitoring and alerting of the performance of Docker Infrastructure –  OpsBridge Management pack for Docker monitors the critical aspects of Docker Host and Container health which includes - container throttling for CPU throttling, Memory usage limit, Disk IO Operations, container network statistics include Network In/Out Bytes, Network In/Out Packets and Network failures like Errors and Drops. The management pack comes with out of the box templates and threshold configurations that can be easily customized and fine-tuned per container or per container tags.


  • Automated Docker Log and Error monitoring OpsBridge Management pack for Docker notifies the OMi Event Console on detected, container-specific errors and failures in Docker container logs based on customizable predefined patterns.


  • Performance Dashboards for Docker Host and Docker Containers – OpsBridge Management pack for Docker comes equipped with out-of-the-box domain specific Performance Dashboards that help you to visualize the performance of Docker Host and each container at a glance and looks for performance patterns using past data. The dashboard for Docker Host provides a summary of the containers and the health of Docker Host. In addition performance dashboards for Docker Containers provide an overview of each container’s availability and resource usage. Users can customize or create their own dashboards.

    Docker Performance Dashboards.pngReal-time streaming of Docker performance metrics OpsBridge Management pack for Docker also provides an option to stream Docker Host and container performance metrics in real time to the performance dashboards to measure the pulse of Docker container performance at the any given point in time.


Docker Performance Metrics.png


  • Inspect and Interact with Containers – OpsBridge Management pack for Docker includes tools which helps to trigger actions on container in the context of alert or event in the OMi Event console or from the performance dashboard of any container. You can inspect the container or you can look at the container logs. Any particular container can be stopped and started again via the tools. You can also interact with your container by running commands inside the container to troubleshoot the issue.
  • Reporting on Docker Performance – Metrics collected by OMi Management Packs are further consolidated in the data warehouse of Operations Bridge that is used for reporting for trend analysis. OBR Docker Content provides comprehensive reporting on Docker Environments. It includes consolidated performance reporting for the Docker ecosystem which includes Docker Host, Images and Containers.

Operations Bridge Reporter.png


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To get started with Docker management using the Operations Bridge, you can download our Docker certified infrastructure such as agentless systems collectors e.g. HPE SiteScope, and the HPE Operations Agent and OpsBridge Management pack for Docker from the Docker store.
You can also download the full HPE Operations Bridge virtual appliance to explore autonomous Operations.


  1. Download and start the HPE OpsBridge Management Pack v 2.10 image from the Docker store. This HPE OpsBridge Management Pack container should be running in your Docker Cluster/Host that needs to be monitored.
  2. Connect the HPE OpsBridge Management Pack container to your HPE Operations Bridge instance by following the instructions in “HPE Operations Agent – Administration Guide”, Section “Connecting a New HP Operations Agent Installation”.

Note: If you do not have HPE Operations Bridge, you can download it here

  1. Configure the monitoring by the following the steps in “HPE Operations Bridge Management Pack for Docker – User Guide”.


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