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New features in NNMi since 9.24I

New features in NNMi since 9.24I

I recently wrote a blog post What's new in NNM i 10.10, and received this question from a reader. Unfortunately the reader did not leave a way to reach him. His question:

Hello Team,

I want to know briefly what are the better features having in 10.10 compared with 10.00 and 9.24. So that i can explain clearly to my team members and client and upgrade to 10.00 to 10.10.

Thanks in advance

Generally when we come out with a new version we write a what's new post. I see this time we didn't, we only announced the webinar for the new features. I will endevor to get a post up soon and I'll update this post. For now

9.24 to 10.00 - Network Node Manager (NNMi) 10.00 - Making a perfect 10! 

What new in 10.10 webinar - you can download the slides by going to the webinar recording and clicking on the ATTACHMENTS icon in the upper right. 

I hope that helps for now.

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