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New age monitoring solution for your Big Data technologies

New age monitoring solution for your Big Data technologies


Big data technology is often considered the front runner when an organization wants to transform its legacy IT into the new style of IT for better efficiency, reliability and decision making. The benefits of Big Data include:

  • Greater insights into customer sentiment
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Smoother operations and processes
  • Better decision making

But then there's nothing like a free meal in this world!!! Sure Big Data offers big benefits, but it also requires big computing and storage resources. Deploying such ultra-powerful resources comes with a bigger challenge—monitoring the performance and availability of these resources. With big data projects, there’s a lot of information coming in, and it has to be analyzed in real time to be effective and precise. Now the question is: How do you ensure that these resources continue to perform without disruption so that data keeps on coming, processed continuously and information is stored without any problem?


Let's look at a real-life example.

If you are monitoring a twitter channel for your business, you could be receiving millions of tweets each day. You need a highly scalable and reliable infrastructure to continuously process these tweets to truly get the value of the data. Let's say you use Apache Kafka as a messaging server, Apache Spark to process all these tweets and finally Apache HBase to store all the processed data. As long as everything is green, the days are rosy. But on one bad day, JVM of Apache Spark started using lots of memory for some reason or let’s say you can't connect to the HBase system due to network latency. From here on, the situation gets out of control within minutes—like how sand slips through a closed fist.


To get this situation under control, you need a smart monitoring solution that quickly detects the problem, identifies the root cause efficiently and suggests a possible action. HP Operations Bridge with its event correlation ( more accurately, TBEC - Topology Based Event Correlation) feature  precisely addresses this need. Its wide coverage on the application spectrum makes it easy to monitor any multi-layer, complex infrastructure topology as a whole. Be it a Database or Cloud, Big Data or Middleware, Operations Bridge has a solution to address your needs.


Please watch the video to understand how the TBEC feature in HP Operations Bridge solution efficiently detect and isolate a problem in a complex Big Data infrastructure topology.





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News :


HP Discover Las Vegas 2015 is just around the corner, starting June 2nd. We have many announcements, sessions, demonstration booths for you to see and learn about our new exciting innovations. Please register early to avoid disappointment, our HP OpsBridge related sessions are




The OM2Opsbridge program including license exchange details is now live. Search on the tag OM2OpsB to find blogs discussing this program and evolution to OpsBridge.

We are pleased to announce the HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade, version 1.1. The HP BSM Integration for BMC Impact Manager by Comtrade enables you to establish a link between BMC Impact Manager and HP Operations Manager i 10 (OMi).  


The key features of this release are:    

  • Support of Operations Manager i 10 and BSM Connector 10    
  • Self-discovery  

The installation package and the integration guide are available at


We are also pleased to announce the availability of yet another extension to our fast growing catalogue of management tools, the lightweight OMi Management Pack for Docker has been released on HP-LN:



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