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New Operations Analytics 2.2: Splunk, Alerts and OneView for data insights that simplify complex IT

New Operations Analytics 2.2: Splunk, Alerts and OneView for data insights that simplify complex IT


Guest post by Sancha Norris, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Operations Analytics


If there’s one thing we’ve heard loud and clear from enterprise IT organizations, it’s that managing the complexity of IT infrastructure is an increasingly daunting task.


Consolidating data that’s segmented within silos is a massive challenge. Another challenge is managing and making use of unstructured data, which often requires a lot of manual work and analysis through search and regular expressions. You end up with ad hoc processes — and ad hoc results to match.


With HP Operations Analytics (OpsAnalytics), we’re breaking down data silos and generating actionable insights and context from powerful machine learning analytics. This is beyond just logs, so you can proactively manage your operational performance and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) using operations analysis. Operations Analytics is able to take in data from all sources and use different data types, including performance metrics and events, as well as topology data and logs.


Operations Analytics 2.2 2.png


And our latest release takes this powerful analytics platform even farther.


Introducing Operations Analytics 2.2

At HP Barcelona last week, we announced the release of HP Operations Analytics 2.2, which continues a series of advances:

  • Automated log analytics on Splunk data — Do more with your Splunk data! Now you can apply OpsAnalytics’ patented self-learning log analytics to Splunk data to automatically analyze all of your logs and pinpoint the root cause of issues in minutes rather than hours or days. No queries needed.
  • Analytics-based alerts — When something starts to go sideways, you need to know. Now you can set alerts based on specific conditions and frequency in OpsAnalytics so you will be automatically alerted, or even trigger a script to begin a remediation process. Just one more way OpsAnalytics helps you proactively solve issues before end users are impacted. Watch the video here.
  • Integration with HP OneView — Jump start your converged infrastructure management with HP Operations Analytics for HP OneView, with one-click integration and out-of-the box dashboards for HP OneView. Watch video here.


These new features builds on what OpsAnalytics already provides:

  • Intelligent search — Index and search through high volumes of data in real time, including data from HP and non-HP products, and harness built-in intelligence that serves up context-relevant search terms to quickly find targeted results and achieve end-to-end visibility into infrastructure performance
  • Guided troubleshooting — Automatically generate meaningful dashboards and search queries based on key words entered to move faster through each step of troubleshooting to arrive at the root cause
  • Visual analytics — Identify trends and pinpoint issues by using easy-to-create charts with “time machine” replay, which correlates disparate data over any time period visually with ease
  • Automated log analytics —Automatically distill millions of logs (no queries needed) to the relevant few with patented algorithm tuned by expert-sourcing
  • Predictive analytics —Self learns behavior trends from metrics and log data, leveraging historical trends and seasonality to predict future performance and identifying problems before users are impacted
  • Content framework — Create and share content with your colleagues and the greater IT community. Exchange analytics dashboards, statistical functions and third-party data configuration

With Operations Analytics, you get actionable insights from all of your data so that you can proactively manage IT performance and availability and automate troubleshooting to systematically resolve root causes faster.


To find out more, download the full Operations Analytics data sheet, or visit


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