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New HP Operations Bridge integrations by DoItWise—dynamize tracing of root cause issues

New HP Operations Bridge integrations by DoItWise—dynamize tracing of root cause issues


People have lots of choices when it comes to the tools needed to govern how IT supports business. The amount of options is great, because each tool enriches the IT management data needed to provide high quality services. But are your operators forced to swivel from tool to tool to provide these services?

Your IT Operations team is held accountable for the health and performance of the IT infrastructure environment. But, it’s likely that IT silos exist with different teams who are each using their own expert tool. This is true across all of your IT resource domains such as network, server, storage and applications. As a result, consolidating events from these increasingly complex and siloed IT infrastructures into a single-event stream proves difficult. The counter effect of this enrichment is that often you have no single cross-domain view. This means that you cannot see the status of disparate technologies and there is no integration across products from multiple vendors. The result is inefficiency, lack of consistency, and incapacity to automate tasks. Don’t worry, the solution to this problem is available. The HP Operations Bridge helps address this issue to assist your IT Operations management team meet their SLAs.


Your HP Operations Bridge installation automatically identifies, prioritizes, analyzes, and accelerates the remediation of IT incidents with IT event management. This significantly reduces the time and staffing levels that monitoring and managing the IT infrastructure your IT organization spends. This can then be tied to the business service being affected; thereby allowing IT operators to prioritize their responses based on business impact and then act on the most critical events.


The results speak for themselves

Customers of Operations Bridge are reporting impressive results.  A large telecom services provider has gained a 72 percent improvement in MTTR/hour and moved from 94 percent to almost 100 percent in less than two years. Kuveyt Turk expressed a reduction of 33 percent of service calls representing over $400k savings per year.

These organizations have reached their goals by integrating their tools and exploiting data from their HP Operations Bridge implementations. 


HP Software already has 46 integrations and the number is growing fast. Many third-party tools are already integrated. These tools have been created by both HP, partners and the Operations Bridge expert community – for example, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Microsoft SCOM, Nagios and more.

New to this list is the integration to Compuware Dynatrace by our partner DoItWise.



The BSM Connector for Dynatrace forwards metric, event and topology data from Dynatrace to HP Operations Bridge. The integration supports:

  • Population of Dynatrace topology (hosts, business applications and business transactions) in a Real Time Service Model (RTSM)
  • Extraction of performance metrics from Dynatrace and their delivery in HP BSM
  • Forwarding of Dynatrace alarms (events) to HP BSM (OMi)


 Through this integration by DoItWise, you can achieve:

  • Advanced reporting of the incoming Dynatrace data allowing for the possibility of combining it with data from other data collectors
  • Wide variety of graphing options in Performance Perspective
  • Unified event management console (OMi) which provides event correlation between multiple event sources - Dynatrace, OM, SiteScope, etc.
  • Automated actions available for the incoming events from Dynatrace
  • Exploit IT data for automated baseline calculation and predictive analysis using HP Service Health Analyzer
  • Improve Service Level Agreements for the business applications and transactions
  • Reduce mean time to repair of IT issues
  • Reduce the number of service calls to economize IT costs



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