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NNMi Value Leader in the 2014 Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring Systems Radar Report

NNMi Value Leader in the 2014 Enterprise Network Availability Monitoring Systems Radar Report


The network is the lifeline of the business. The view into network health and availability is only accomplished through network monitoring and management. This is why Enterprise Management Associates recently released their second edition of the Enterprise Network Availability Management Systems Radar Report to inform customers of considerations they should make when making an investment in one of the most critical IT tools.  You can read the profile of Network Node Manager i here.

Two HP products got award in the study. First, Network Node Manager (NNMi), had a very strong showing in this report. In fact, NNMi had the highest overall score and was placed as a “Value Leader” for its completeness in functionality and architecture strength with scalability and integration capabilities.  Intelligent Management Center (IMC) was recognized for being a great multi-vendor ENAMS with strength in deployment and administration. It yields a competitive cost advantage, thereby garnering a “Strong Value” rating in the report. 


HP NNMi bested all competitors in solution impact, which includes discovery, alarm/reporting, fault isolation/troubleshooting, inventory/asset management and support for cloud.


Here is how I see NNMi exceeds in the area of solution impact:


  • Continuous spiral discover keeping up-to-date topology of the network.
  • Causal engine which provide deterministic root cause analysis (vs probabilistic).
  • Broad set of network technologies supported through Smart Plug-ins.

Let me tell you a little about the report, it surveyed 17 solutions from 16 vendors on functionality, architecture and integration, deployment and administration, cost advantage and vendor strength.  Vendors were scored and then ranked on a graph that valued solution impact and deployment cost efficiency.


For customers who are looking to invest in network management, HP, a trusted vendor, is leading the way with NNMi and IMC, two recognized multi-vendor platforms that have the depth of capabilities that span the needs of small/medium sized deployments to large deployments.  Thanks to network management solutions like NNMi and IMC and, you don’t notice the network and that’s how it should be.


Get your copy of the report here.


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